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image icon The following are sectional posts from the book by Apostle John Eckhardt:  “Prayers that Rout Demons : Prayers for defeating demons and overthrowing the powers of darkness”

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The book comptises themed Prayers and Bible verse compilations.


Prayers of Confession of who I am in Christ
Prayers for Blessing and Favour
Prayers Concerning the Heavens
Prayers for Enlargement and Increase
Prayers of Renunciations
Prayers in Christ
Kingdom Prayers and Decrees
Prayers Releasing the Fire of God
Prayers to Command our Day
Prayers Releasing the Sword of the Lord
Prayers to Release the Arrows of the Lord
Breaking Curses & Casting-Out Generational Spirits
Prayers Annulling Ungodly Covenants


Prayers for Divine Safety and Protection
Prayers to Release the Arm of the Lord
Prayers Releasing the Power of God
Prayers Releasing the Power of the Blood
Warfare Prayers
Prayers to Rout Out Demons
Prayers Against Satan (the Devil)
Prayers for Rebuking the Enemy
Prayers Speaking to Mountains


Prayers for Quenching the Fire of the Enemy
Prayers for Breaking Curses and Releasing the Blessings of God
Prayers to Overcome Satanic and Demonic Conspiracies
Overcoming and Dividing Demonic Confederacies
Prayers Over High Places
Prayers over Gates
Prayers Against Idols & Idolatry
Prayers that Destroy Oppression
Prayers for Breaking the Power of Schizophrenia and Double-Mindedness
Prayers and Decrees which Break the Powers of Darkness
Prayers for Closing Breaches and Hedges
Prayers for Destroying Evil Cauldrons (Pots)
Prayers for Destroying Yokes and Removing Burdens


Prayers against Demonic Princes
Prayers against Leviathan and Marine Spirits
Prayers Against Jezebel
Prayers for Dealing With Spirits of the Desert
Prayers Against Demonic Horsemen
Prayers Against Spirits of the Valley
Prayers for Dealing With Spirit Birds
Prayers for Deliverance from Lions
Prayers for Deliverance from Serpents
Prayers for Deliverance from Flies
Prayers for Deliverance From Animalistic Spirits


Prayers for Self-Deliverance
Prayers for Prosperity and Financial Release
Prayers for Healing and Health
Prayers of Deliverance
Prayers for Deliverance from Evil
Prayers for Deliverance and Renunciation of Sexual Sin
Prayers for Angelic Deliverance
Prayers Against Terrorism
Apostolic Prayers
Prayers for Binding and Loosing
Prayers Releasing Shame upon the Enemy
Prayers for Souls
Prayers for Your Nation



Apostle J. Eckhardt — 11 Comments

  1. Dear Vera Lindsey,
    thank you for reminding us about repetitive prayer.
    The best definition I’ve heard about communicating with God is, that
    Prayer is the act of opening our heart to Jesus as to a friend.
    This and more can be found in the book titled Steps to Christ (free online reading also), authored by ellen gould white.
    God bless!

  2. I prayed every single prayer in one day.  More then ever, I now feel like I can move in the plans and purposes God has for me.  I feel more focused and resolute and brave!  I can’t thank you enough!  :)

    Love Shelly

  3. Dear Apostle I just want to say that the Lord has truly been faithful the His word that the gifts are for the perfecting of the saints. through the revelations that the Lord has given you over these past decades has been an awesome tool in both build us as strong citizens of the KINGDOM and as weapons of war against the kingdom of darkness. i HAVE GROWN IN MY WALK AS WELL AS IN MY UNDERSTANDING IN HIS CALL ON MY LIFE. THANKS

  4. How do you figure out which demon is in you home.
    I understand you can just do all of the prayers but it seems it would be better to target the offender

    • Dear Jeremiah,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Deliverance is not an exact science, and in truth, not even a science! :)
      I believe the most effective form of deliverance is submission to a trained team where the leader receives revelation from God as to the root cause.  Other than that, it is a combination of trial and error, dealing with them one-by-one as they appear, while being led by the Holy Spirit and an understanding of the demonic hierarchy, of related symptoms and of related manifestations.
      The trouble is, from personal experience, many root causes are unknown to the victim and unknowable to the victim, so one cannot rely on natural revelation to overcome or explain the supernatural.  This is why a trained God-given and God-fearing leader is necessary.
      However, this does not mean self-deliverance is powerless.  Many people follow generic prayers and find it very effective; but for some, there appears to be a kairos moment, a divine timing, when a word is given which releases all at one time.
      Undoubtedly, the ‘best’ way is God’s way, and His way, is often through His personal revelation.
      Blessings in Christ,

  5. Truly a blessing to read books of Apostale John Eckhardt with so much wisdom and knowledge.  THANK YOU

  6. Finding this book in pdf is an awesome blessing!  I had just bought the audio version about a week ago and have been listening to it every morning and evening, repeating the prayers after the author.  These prayers have motivated my prayer life, uplifted my spirit and renewed my hope in so may ways.  Now I have a print version I can read along with the audio book, or without!  Thank you so much for making this available.  This entire site is an awesome find!  God bless your efforts continually.

  7. These prayers are truly a blessing in every aspect. I appreciate the word most importantly. I believe the word is the seed and the seed bring forth fruit!

    Thank you dearly!


  8. Hello,
    Thank you for making these prayers avalable (for free) to all in need of deliverance. But I do have a question… Didn’t Jesus say that God doesnt like for us to pray repeatedly for men think they will be heard for there much speaking? So how do you suggest that one pray these prayers and how often? Is it until they see deliverance or just once in faith?

    Love in Christ Jesus