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2019, A Year of Walking on Water — 4 Comments

  1. Glory to God ! Thanks be to God ! Hallelujah ! In Great Expectations of All thy has spoken Lord God, for me in 2019 A set time of Favor, Favor, Favor, in my life. Greater Works, Shall I do indeed. Hallelujah ! Yes indeed so Abba Daddy, Rock Solid Faith I do have in you along. Glory, Glory, to God, for such a time as this for me. Am so excited.

  2. Confirmation this Saturday morning: I took some time to overview my own google+ page, for in 3 months google will shut down all the + pages. I chose one song I didn’t listen to since a while: TAKE MY HANDS ! An old beautiful hymn. And WALKING ON THE WATER is background picture on my phone since a while now.
    I must hurry to leave for weekend shift work now. See you hopefully soon at JESUS feet.

  3. Upon opening this, I heard the Lord say, “from faith to faith” (Rom. 1:17). Walking on water is dependent upon our faith (i.e. trust) in Him. He says, “Come.”

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