2020: A Year for Healing, Vision, Judgment, Justice and Trump — 17 Comments

  1. I do not know about the part saying TRUMP IS MY ELECTED, I personally think that was flesh entering.into a vision or was it a dream? As I was reading my spirit became troubled because it seems.that.people are putting words into the mouth of God

  2. This Vision was very encouraging. For there has been so much Warfare, it will be comforting to the Church. I sensed in my Spirit Judgement is coming to the Church too. Too much perversion, grieving the Holy Spirit, suppression of God’s people, spiritual gifts being quenched, and a lack of love, of the fear of our Father, and no Repentance.
    I’m so discouraged what I’m seeing, for a long time. I have wept over this Nation. The Lord told me in 2018 that 2019 would be the year of exposure, and it’s happening, both in the Govt. And the Church, starting with the leaders first. I can’t wait for the cleanup to begin, so we can finally have the Lord’s presence here. I long for the Corporate Body to be reset and see a consuming fire come, not a revival. We need a change in leadership. The Altar needs to be restored. We need a fresh start.

  3. Oh Thank You, Thank You Lord for this dream and all these revelations because it helps me to pray for South Africa. Oh God, as you turn the keys for the USA and other nations, may you also turn the key to unlock this country. I pray for Your announcement to enter into the new dispensation, the dismantling of this government (I saw it flowing away like water) and for the new government – the Righteous government. I pray for the one You have chosen. I pray that it will all happen in tandem. This is what I felt the Spirit said I should pray.

  4. Amen amen amen! This confirms things I have seen and fresh new revelation. I agree with this and am praying and declaring things to come to pass as He wills it in His perfect timing and order!

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