32 Cents in God’s Economy


I write this for three reasons –

  • Because the Holy Spirit has been nudging me to do so for the past few days and I have to be obedient to His Voice.
  • Because I believe it serves to encourage others who need to hear it.
  • Because I am grateful and want to testify of the majesty and goodness of our God!

26 years ago when we entered the ministry, me and my wife made a firm decision that we will never discuss or ask anyone for a cent of money for our personal care.  But that we would speak to God and to Him only for our needs and allow Him to speak to others in meeting them, whom He would chose to do so.

We followed on to do the work God called us to do, depending solely upon His provision in our lives, and continued to learn from the school of faith as we went along the way of being led and taught by the Holy Spirit.

Last month at some point I had 32 cents in my account.  I was not wondering or wavering about it.  Throughout the years we have come to understand “living the faith life” – that the LORD has been gracious to teach us.

He has built into into our lives as a solid pillar that could never be moved.  As a result nothing could ever move us from His will.  No one owned us.  No one controlled us and we had One to please and that was our Heavenly Father and Him only!

Nothing will ever bring you closer to God and into a place of knowing Him more intimately, than living a life fully dependent upon Him, and abandoning yourself into His Hands!

How glad I am for this journey!

How many times people have turned away from us, who stood in disagreement with the truth and expected us to compromise and bend ourselves to their will, hoping to control or manipulate us with their money, and how wonderfully blessed it was to show them the door, along with their money!

Allow me to share how God’s faith-economy works.   Let me tell you what God did for us while having 32 cents in our account!

  • My house was paid.
  • My child’s school tuition was fully paid.
  • Our electricity that had been heaped up for 6 months (during which time we failed to receive any accounts) was fully paid.
  • We had enough in our fridge to eat for the month and enough gas in our tank to drive for the month.
  • In addition, I paid R1300 [USD$94] to the printers as an advance deposit for the books that are currently going into print!

That, without a church to support us and without talking to a single person about our needs.

God alone knew what we needed and wherefore!

32 cents sure goes a distance when God breathes upon it, and when it works in His faith – economy, doesn’t it?

“Entrust your ways to the LORD.  Trust Him, and He will act  [on your behalf],”   Psalm 37:5.


~ Johann van der Hoven

Johann van der HovenBrother Johann van der Hoven is the visionary leader and founder of Revival To All Nations, based in South Africa.  The LORD led him to establish a five-fold ministry platform from where cities, town, communities and nations would be impacted by the five-fold ministry of ministries collectively unified in the Spirit.  He ministers as a apostolic evangelist/ revivalist within the RTAN network he founded and hosts Healing and Miracle Love Revivals across the nation of South Africa.
Sister Jennifer van der Hoven supports him in his ministry and cause, whilst also being involved in women’s ministry herself.
Brother Johann began his journey in following the LORD in His service in 1990.  For more information about their ministry visit them at Revival To All Nations.

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32 Cents in God’s Economy — 2 Comments

  1. We serve an amazing God, thankyou so much for teaching us God’s economy. I so appreciate your radical wisdom in the Lord!!!!!!