A Bride, a Corpse & Vultures


A Prophetic Vision coming into season.

In 1994 the Holy Spirit released a prophetic Vision into my heart about the coming days and how it would affect the true bride of Christ and the religious institutions of the day, and those who choose to remain a part of them.

He took me to the portion of Scripture,

“Wherever the corpse is, there the vultures will gather,”   Matthew 24:28.

Here is what He showed me:


– Firstly He spoke about His bride, those true disciples who worship Him in Spirit and in Truth and who would never allow themselves to be stained through sinful compromise.

He said that a time was coming where He would draw His bride (those filled with His Spirit and Life in whom His Life was dwelling, and who were true disciples), out from within religious institutions controlled by religious men. In this process, His Life will be removed from religious houses to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

They will not be prepared to partake in the compromise and the watering down of God’s Truth to suit the sinful lives of those who religiously attend these places while living in hypocrisy.

They will be drawn out by the Holy Spirit to find God’s true intent with His church and they will become the bride, the living church that will become pure and sanctified with God’s Presence and filled with His Love.


– The second thing the Holy Spirit pointed out referred to the religious institutions built by man and those who would remain a part of them.

When this time came, and as result of His Life being withdrawn, the religious institutions that has become known as “churches” today, will become no more than a dead corpse.

Void of His Spirit-life this corpse will continue to become more corrupted and polluted.

Those who continue to choose to remain a part of it, unwilling to hear or to heed God’s call for them to separate themselves from corruption, who will turn a blind eye to the compromise and the unfaithfulness of others (although they themselves being faithful still), will become as corrupted as the corpse is.

They will open themselves up to false doctrines and will be deceived along with those who freely choose to be swallowed up in deceit for the sake of their own greed for sin and hunkering after the ways of the flesh.

This fallen ‘church’, which will become a proverbial ‘corpse’, where death will be at work, will become the latter day people whom the Holy Spirit referred to through Paul, those who “want their ears tickled” who will “turn away from the Truth and heap up for themselves teachers, teaching what they want to hear”.


– Lastly, He spoke about the ministers who would be found ‘ministering’ to these Life-less religious institutions from where God’s Life and Presence had departed.

He said,

“Wherever life has departed there remains only the decaying body of that which once lived.

Wherever a decaying corpse is present, there are vultures that are ready to ‘minister’ to such a corpse.

This is what will become of these religious places from where My Spirit has departed.

They will call for those who will give them what they want to hear in My Name to come and to ‘minister’ unto them. 

As the stench of a dead corpse ‘calls’ to the vultures, so they will call to these corrupted apostles, prophets and teachers to come and teach them lies and to prophesy falsely unto them what they want and insist to hear.

These men and women, themselves being corrupted will come to ‘minister’ to this corpse and pick it clean to nourish themselves with what will fill their carnal belly.

They will serve this corpse feeding of the satisfaction of unprofitable riches as their reward in proving the corpse with all it desires to have until there will be nothing left to pick off anymore.”

These very things are becoming a reality in our time.  We are beginning to see how many are leaving the ‘church’ (religious institutions) to find alternative places where they may worship the LORD in Spirit and in Truth.

At the same time, we see the tremendous falling away of the institution.  Many are openly moving into apostasy in order to appease those in their midst who demand to live in sin.

The Word is compromised and sin is welcomed, accepted and celebrated in what was once considered to be a sanctified place called the ‘house of God’.

Preachers from far and wide are turning from the Truth and from the foundations they once believed to be the very pillars of the church, to openly and unashamedly preach the highest degree of compromise, preaching falsehood and prophesying lies, to comfort people in their sin and to turn a blind eye against their wickedness, for the sake of their own financial security and well being.

God is being redefined to the liking of their audience, as they built their own religious golden calf to worship to the liking of the people, and they are reaping the rewards for doing so, the people are freely offering up their gold for these false gods to be built, so long as they may live their passions and still be ‘blessed’ by this god.

We are surely coming into a time where we see a great separation being brought by the LORD – we are seeing the sheep and goats being separated before our very eyes!

As these times continue to unfold, we are sure to see a greater demand for places where those who truly love the LORD and desire to worship and to walk in His Spirit.

Small fellowships, uncontrolled by the hand of man will become attractive because of the intimacy with Christ that will be restored in them. People will rediscover the true meaning of intimacy with God afresh.

There will be much deeper Revelation of Christ that will come, unlike anything they have previously known or experienced. True identity will again be discovered in Christ and in none other.

As a result, we will see the true church of Jesus Christ growing into the Stature of Christ and becoming the end-time church God had envisioned her to be – His bride, expectant, longing and ready for His coming!

Are you also a living part of this bride?


~ Johann van der Hoven

Johann van der HovenJohann van der Hoven is in South Africa.  He has been serving the Lord in ministry since 1991 and has hosted numerous apostolic revival meetings in South Africa and in South America.  He also currently pioneers a organic church planting movement across South Africa.  For more information about him and his ministry visit Fellowship of Believers or Revival.

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A Bride, a Corpse & Vultures — 2 Comments

  1. Thankyou!Through you God has answered something l was meditating on today regarding the workers of iniquity that Jesus spoke about.l have been sensing these drawing by theHoly Spirit to come out of the religious into intimacy with Christ.May His Will be Done!
    May you be blessed with more of the H/Spirit likeness.

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