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  1. I had an encounter a few of months ago. I was in a restaurant and was minding my open business and saw a family getting out of their car.
    What struck me was a child that was handicapped and was apparently adopted or being fostered by this family.
    I immediately started to cry for no apparent reason and I heard in my mind go to this child and tell her that her Heavenly Father loves her. 
    I didn’t want to of course with it being in crowded restaurant and people around including the family but I couldn’t shake it and as my husband and I got up to pay I watched the family sitting there. All of them on their phones, no one paying any attention to this child.
    I couldn’t not do it. So I did and she smiled shyly at me and put her head down as if ashamed and then looked at me again I told her what Holy Spirit said to tell her and she smiled again and looked down.
    I couldn’t make it out of the restaurant fast enough, tears streaming down my face, my husband didn’t understand why I would go up to a perfect stranger and talk to her and I didn’t explain.
    I just cried and cried, I couldn’t control it. I couldn’t understand why I was told to do such a thing.
    Thank you for sharing what is on our Father’s heart.

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