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A Deborah Company Emerging — 5 Comments

  1. Read your “Deborah” article and the Holy Spirit gave witness to this “word”. I am a man (67), have followed the Lord for just over 40 years, and know very well that there are no age, gender, nationality, or ethnic barriers to hearing God’s voice! Stay the course He’s put you on! Blessings to you sister! Matt W.

  2. Amen. Perhaps this is also a Word concerning the Bride?
    The root word for Deborah is:
    H1696>דָבַר dâbar, daw-bar’; a primitive root; perhaps properly, to arrange; but used figuratively (of words), to speak; rarely (in a destructive sense) to subdue:—

    “Bees” came from this because they work in order and harmony. Eph4

    There is a similar, almost identical, word, H1697, that also has this same Hebrew root word.
    It means “word”. The Greek/LXX counterpart to this word is LOGOS.

  3. I’m so blessed and encouraged when He releases Words like this.
    Thank you and bless you for your obedience in releasing it.
    It’s water to a very dry sponge…

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