A Dream: “New Territories!” — 3 Comments

  1. I am truly in Awe as & I read this I began to weep! Thanking God for the Love shown by God and by this lovely couple and I couldn’t be happier if this was happening to me. But yes, I am believing God for a debt free home and vehicle and I know that this truly is for Me!☝️! HE said HE will give us houses that we did not build and vineyards that we did not Plant! Thank You Lord in Advance & thank you my Sister Beverly! My desire is to owe no man Nothing but to Love Him according to His Word. GLORY TO GOD!!!

    In His Love & Mine,

  2. Thank you!


    Message received with much thanks and Gratitude to our Lord Jesus Christ and our Father sitted on the Mighty Throne.

    I resonate with this so so so much. Thank you for posting. God Bless.

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