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A Great Calm Will Follow Every Storm You Face — 6 Comments

  1. Glory to our Great King. Know this our dear Dr June. All the time you post something, it is exactly what we’re facing, even though we may not acknowledge it at times, nevertheless, we are greatly encouraged and truly appreciate your life. Thank you Dr June. Shalom to you.

  2. In this season fighting for my marriage that is going on so long now this word gives light and hope. Praise God for you and your obedience to lift up my bowed down head in Jesus Name

    • Lindy- I will pray and agree with you. It want until November if this last year God performed a miracle in my marriage. It is the best it has ever been and every day it keeps getting better. So hold on- continue to seek Gox and follow his leading- he will guide you. Love to you.

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