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A Word for 2013: Perilous times! — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for this. On November 15, 2012, I heard the Lord say 2013 will be a year of “Spritual Pandemonium”. I have been trying to get a greater understanding of what that entails & what that will look like every since I heard it. I shared this word with a CLOSE friend, and the other day she sent me to this web address. I believe this ties into what I heard God say, and it is helping me to understand the words spoken to me. Unfortunately not many of the prophecies that I’m hearing for the upcoming year, has mentioned the dark side of the future.
    I’m very grateful for this site.
    Thank You Lord!
    And thank you Henry Falcone & His Kingdom Prophecy for your obedience!

  2. In confirmation:
    During Sept 2011 God began a new level of the spiritual gifts in my life, revealing many things, mainly visions while awake.
    Something He said on the Jewish new year in Sept 2011 was ” Be prepared to see what you never thought you would live to see. The age of innocence has passed”
    He showed me the church as broken silo’s spilling grain and having mice play in the grain. He then said with a very serious and booming voice “I will NOT have MY precious grain stored in that!” Then revealed brand new silo’s that shone in the sun. (anyone who knows about farming knows how rare it is to have new silo’s….almost never herd of)

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