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Abᴑrtiᴑn — Open Rebellion and Sin Against God — 4 Comments

  1. I am very much aware of transgenderism, same sex marriages, what is happening from the pulpits, —it is an abomination to our Heavenly Father and to those of us who are on the narrow road following Yahusa.  I see men begin their ministry humble and willing to trade themselves for more of Yahusa.  John the Baptist – more of him, less of me. They change – money, power, (the place where god should abide is filled up with idols.  God. Have mercy on this world.  It is going to burn.  The only place to be fed as mary was – at his feet

  2. All Glory to GOD! Rev. 21:8 is such a Powerful Scripture.  & when you read that scripture -YES God is Dealing with ALL SIN. Lord convict our hearts of sin and help us to Daily Repent! 2chronicles 7:14 is ringing in my Spirit- IF My people- called by name…. Oh Lord, please don’t forget about mercy in the midst of Judgement- since onlyYou know the End from the Beginning.  Lord- speak to hearts of your people!☝Father, we know you take no pleasure in the death of the Wicked, & you want them to be saved- according to Ezekiel 33:11! We Need You Lord like Never Before

  3. Dear Ken yes yes and yes and amen. If the Lord doesn’t judge such He would have to apologise to Sodom and Gemorrah.
    Ken I do research and the abominations done in deep underground military bases is sooo bad; genetic experiments done with human genes and all sorts of critters DNA (one man saw a ” “human” with 8 arms screeching as it is not human nor spider)
    Some of this is to breed super soldiers and some bred even with dragon and nephilim DNA to fight against the Lord at armageddon.

    Some have had dreams/visions of hybrids in the end time. A little boy said ” they are monsters mommy”

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