About Prophecy and Declarations — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you!
    LORD has been clear – same timing you are mentioning – restoration NOT revival for if Christ is in the hearts of believers they would not flat line and require reviving … restoration of the nation – restoration of the temple, restoration of Job, etc.
    3 days June 2013 in Georgia – returned for 3 weeks October 2013 – still here – ‘boots on ground’ resulted in vision and word given to key prophets being researched and shared now in a new book: For The Sake Of America

  2. Thank you sister for your blessed testimony which contains great confirmation!
    The true faithful life is precisely as you says extremely restrained in thoughts and speech and shall if the Lord Jesus truly is the Lord of one’s mind, not allow any empty words to come out from one’s mouth because if a word spoken (or written) is not coming from a revelation from the Spirit of Truth, it is automatically a lie.
    That is why we are going to e judged for EVERY word. (Matt.12:36)

    In fact God tells us about what ‘chat’ is about (discussions, seeking comfort in men’s opinions, man made doctrines and so on) and He always speaks about the sin in His own house; “O the happiness of that one, who Hath not walked in the counsel of the wicked. And in the way of sinners hath not stood, And in the seat of scorners hath not sat Ps.1:1

    Strong’s Hebrew Number 2400: sinners, chatta’ – khat-taw’, intensively from 2398; a criminal, or one accounted guilty: —offender, sinful, sinner.

    Strong’s Hebrew Number 2398: chata’ – khaw-taw’, a primitive root; properly, to miss; hence (figuratively and generally) to sin; by inference, to forfeit, lack, expiate, repent, (causatively) lead astray,

    “I will take heed to my ways, that I sin not with my tongue I will keep my mouth with a bridle (in obedience to the Spirit of Truth) Ps.39:1

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