All Is Not As It Seems — 1 Comment

  1. You also get very clear visions and dreams. This is foretold – we are in those last days ! Last night I strongly felt, was led that I should sing “It is well with my soul”. I sang this in English and German. The final hymn was an old German hymn “Stern auf den ich schaue” and the final sentence: “Nothing have I to bring – all what I have is You, LORD.”, and with my the last tune – the church bell was striking 12, midnight. This was an awesome moment, orchestrated timing by the LORD. My son and his best friend stayed in the other room and they somehow were quiet, before they went on in producing some own keyboard music on pc. Yes, dear sister – when thousands and ten thousands may fall around us – we know: We must not be afraid, and all is well. HE IS LORD.

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