All Roads Lead to Rome! — 25 Comments

  1. I can’t wait to see what the archaeological find is.  I keep watching for it.  I think it may be what brings the vatican down.

  2. So far, Mark has been 1000 % correct !!!

    Join one of the prayer groups in your state. Or start one!!

  3. Thank you Mark for saying YES TO THE LORD AND ANSWERING HIS CALL!

    I have known (which cannot be explained)that a YUGE happening with the CC was coming.  You have confirmed this for me and it has allowed me to live in such peace and contentment, I cannot even describe.

    I too believe the Lord has had His fill with ALL THE CHURCHES not doing the work for the Kingdom and it couldn’t be more timely.

    Again, Thank you and May God continue to Bless and Guide you to help all His children,
    Jeanne Marie

  4. I am Catholic and I don’t attend church for the priests but for God and the Lord Jesus. It’s my time to dedicate to God for an hour in my busy week. As for the Vatican, I believe that we may see a female Pope in the future. If this is so, many might walk away from the Catholic faith. I would welcome a female Pope, and I desperately would like the Lord to clear away all those corrupt priests. Amen.

    • there will never be a female pope. the pope is the Antichrist MAN of sin SON of perdition. a female would not fit that description. get out of the catholic sun cult while you still can.

  5. I had a huge supernatural conversion back to Catholicism just days before the installation of Pope Francis-I clearly heard That God needed foot soldiers for HIS church….I have been studying and teaching the Apostolic faith – now it is clear to me WHY this happened. Just like the deep state in the American goverment is all being revealed to clean it up…the same thing is happening in the Catholic Church – the decades old infiltration to take down the church is being revealed clearly! Viva Cristo Rey!

    • Janet, catholicism is the whore/harlot/MOTHER sun cult of revelation. the pope is the Antichrist. get out while you can. the catholic harlot is NOT the church of Christ.

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