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  1. We fell in love the first time we met.  Two Christians, one Methodist,one Catholic.
    It never interfered with our 57 years of love, trust and devotion.
    As the years went by we both could see the failure of our religions.
    The fault falls both ways.  We Christians are under attack by evil.
    It is a growng force and if we do not fight back, evil will win.
    GOD help us.

  2. God placed something on my heart a few years ago. I don’t know how to explain what it is, but I know he wanted me to leave the church I was attending & to know that he was with me wherever I may be. Maybe he is preparing me for what is coming, I only know that I must do as my Father in Heaven guides me to do, no matter what.

  3. It is unfortunate that someone of Mark Taylor’s caliber recently suffered upon us an interview with dnajlion7 @ youtube, the mangy greasy hair pot-belly welfare-dad who is trying to subjugate free Christians to dietary laws of Moses and thereby negate the salvific power of the death and Resurrection of Jesus the Christ.

    We read in 1 John 5:10, “Whoever believes in the Son of God accepts this testimony. Whoever does not believe God has made him out to be a liar, because they have not believed the testimony God has given about his Son.” All Christians should shun those who attempt reconstitute Christianity according to the belief system of those who rejected Jesus Christ.

    During this time of turmoil in the major religious denominations, which is yet less than when Judas conspired to have murdered the Son of God, many snakes are attempting to lead the people astray and away from the the fact that Salvation was won at Calvary and cannot be earned by lighting a menorah and growing a beard and demeaning Mary the mother of Jesus for whom Christ performed his first miracle and thereby initiated his ministry at her choosing. (John 2) It is fitting that Jesus (the new Adam) was persuaded by Mary (the new Eve), for it was Eve who persuaded Adam to disobey God.

    In the gospel of Luke we read that the archangel Gabriel addresses Mary as “the favored one”—for of all humans past present and future she was favored by God as the one and only suitable to birth and mother Jesus; his entire DNA comes from her, so it had to be the best.

    The archangel Gabriel also says that the Lord is with her (this said prior to her being overshadowed by the Holy Spirit). What this means is that the Lord is on her side and respects her immensely. If the Lord respects Mary, and if God the Father chose Mary from a group of everyone every born or to be born, then she deserves the highest regard from us.

    For her part, Mary prophesizes that she is to be called blessed by all generations of believers. This is literal in Luke’s gospel. Therefore, whoever does not call Mary blessed is not a believer of God’s word and not a Christian.

    People should also be wary of those who do not use “Jesus Christ” or “Jesus the Christ” but instead some other appellation that does not include “Christ”. This is another tell-tale sign that they are not Christian and could lead you to the gates of hell.

    • You only understand scripture according to what you have been told-question it –there is much more –The commandments of our Heavenly Father are for us to show how much we love Him by voluntarily obeying Him out of love.Salvation only comes thru Jesus not his commandments-but if we love Him we follow His commands-Jesus does have a Hebrew name.

  4. I Decree corruption in the vatican will be fully exposed for the world to see. and the Vatican and all its leadership will be dismantled.

    Lord God in your great mercy lead us to your knowledge and understanding. let your Holy Spirit be our guide. Amen

  5. I am a convert to the Catholic Church and I followed the Father’s lead when he told me to join the Catholic Church to worship with my husband. I became a Christian in the Baptist church many years ago.  The Lord is the center of my life, without him there is nothing. He is also with many of my dearest friends and family members who are Catholic. Also I am not blinded by the church as perfect, I know it’s not.  I see the news and am shocked by the number of betrails the priests have committed. I know satan is alive and praying on God’s little children, as all of us are in some way. I do wonder how Our Father is going to clean up all the churches and give the little children faith and security in Him as The One True God!

  6. I would imagine that those who are to receive the lost after the Vatican falls will be home churches as they will mostly likely fear organized religion with good reason.
    Free speech was gradually removed with 501c3 leaving Satan to take over as God cannot be a part of sin, they are no longer Christ’s church.
    I want to be prepared to reach out to those affected by this fall also the children hurt all over from human trafficking, child abuse, pedophilia, and other crimes against humanity but not will continue to pray for Gods leadership in this area.

  7. I’m just reading this for the first time. Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj Mentioned something about the Pyramids. Finding lost documents within them. But It’s been awhile since I heard about it. I don’t remember the details. He was saying that Enoch built one of the pyramids or something. Sorry I don’t have the exact sermon on the subject. But, that may be what the archaeological find might be. It is somewhat in between those two areas.

  8. Aberto Rivera exposed the Vatican in the 70s they killed him.
    I met him in Perth.  He was an ex-Jesuit.  Told history on sodomy in the seminary when he was a boy.  He has published the Catholics conspiracy.

    [Typo edits by HKP – but no words changed.]

  9. Isn’t it enough seeing what has been exposed in Pa?  How long will we have eyes & not see?  Ears & not hear?  It’s time to wake up!  This is only the beginning of exposure.  For judgment starts in the house of God.  Pray precious Catholic brothers & sisters, come out of her.  More shaking coming.

    • “Millions will walk away as from their religion, s this will affect other religions as well.”  Think Satan has entered other churches too.

  10. In the 2018 prophecy “All Roads Lead To Rome” is this statement:

    “This will be the last Pope for what I the Lord God am about to do.”

    The French prophet Nostradamus (1503-1566) predicted in Centuries 10:65:

    O vaste Romme ta ruyne s’approche,
    Non de tes murs de ton sang & sustance :
    L’aspre par lettres fera si horrible coche,
    Fer poinctu mis à tous jusques au manche.

    In his 1993 book “Nostradamus: The Next 50 Years,” Peter Lemesurier translated Centuries 10:65:

    O mighty Rome, dread ruin comes again
    Not to your walls, but to your living part.
    Hurt you shall be by words of harsh disdain,
    Whose sword shall pierce you to the very heart.

    Lemesurier commented:

    “My own hunch is that the prophecy probably indicates the eventual end of the papacy as a major religious force, mainly as a result of severe criticism in books and the media.”

    In his 2012 book “Nostradamus: The Prophecies,” Richard Sieburth translated Centuries 10:65:

    O mighty Rome, your ruin does approach,
    Not your walls, but your blood & living parts :
    The rough-lettered one shall make such a notch,
    His sharp sword driving deep into your heart.

    I think that Centuries 10:65 indicates that something written will be discovered that will greatly disturb the Roman Catholic church. Perhaps the 2018 prophecy “All Roads Lead To Rome” might be thought of as God’s revelation on how Centuries 10:65 by Nostradamus will be fulfilled.

  11. “All roads lead to Rome” is an expression used to indicate that there are different ways of achieving an objective. If the objective is establishing the kingdom of God on Earth, God is here indicating that the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church has been aiding those opposed to that objective. God is about to expose this through an archaeological find that will shake the Christian world. Christian warriors who are now preparing for this turn of events could be “ready to receive My harvest that’s going to take place from this exposure.” There will be different ways of receiving that harvest.

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