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America! America! Watch the Sickle Fly! — 2 Comments

  1. I saw a clear golden sickle at the horizon in November 2016. The time when appeared meant: LION. Maybe I set the picture later again to my google page. Some will be upset when I set it again and will think I`d like the wrath of God. But time is already set in heaven: Judgment and deliverance will come. I found out that 7:17 has the same meaning for “Armaggeddon” as for “Gathering of the bride”. I have no extra dictionary. I just watch the sunrises and dawns and then google the time / numbers meaning on a good page: http://www.kingjamesbibledictionary.com/StrongsNo/G1247/served you must write in the search line the letter H and adding a number, for the Hebrew meaning, or G and a number for the Greek meaning.
    God is CREATOR of heaven and earth, of all creatures, all mathematics, of everything. Men try to copy Him, they are mingling human DNA with animal DNA and other experiments, they build creations that HE did not mingle together. May they get mercy when they cry out to Him.

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