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  1. hi, good morning, this cristina goden from the philippines, its my dream that led me here, this morning while I was sleeping, i saw myself walking in the mud, I heared a Voice its people of AMERICA, 100,000 of people was buried alive. I tried to walk into it but the mud is so sticky, I almost Got stuck, and i tried to check the people form down below but it was so high that i cant see them clearly because the mud was so thick. i wanna know the situation and I saw an american man which is my BOSS, he is form the US, i worked in a call center company here in Philippines as customer service rep, and I heard a VOICE from nowhere, I heard the WORD AMERICA and I woke up, I wrote this letter to you because I dont know what to do, IM still working now even the lock-down I work at night because its morning there in AMERICA, were in work quarantine, I am praying to GOD to guide me where to begin, I want to speak to him at the same time I dont know where to begin, today is my last night to work because I decided to stay at home, NO WORK NO PAY, but i feel like I need to go home, i hope this email will get to you and Im praying that GOD will show me the way on How to start and where to start. AMEN. let his WELL b done on earth.

    please send me message if you have something to say about it,

    waiting for you to reply,


    my email: cristinagomez143@yahoo.com

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