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America! Haman Shall Hang Upon the Gallows! — 18 Comments

  1. Frome Minneapolis,MN…thank you Caleb!! I stand in agreement , through tears, with every Word from this precious child. In Jesus Name, Amen

  2. Today, 6/26/20, I have come across this writing, which to me is a living word, and I read it out loud and as I spoke the prophetic word it had the power of God on it.
    I believe it is directly for this time. Praise God in Jesus name Amen

  3. Thank you for being a continued blessing and encouragement and prayer warrior for our country, the USA, land that I love!  I am blessed and moved to tears with the anointing of God upon Caleb.  I would expect it because of the powerful anointing that you operate in.  I agree America’s greatest days are just ahead!  May the Lord bless you and your family abundantly and keep watch over each of you in Jesus Name!

  4. I have been praying for my country for many years and never so much as now, the most critical moment in the history of America. Listening to Caleb pray, so full of the Holy Spirit and power, God increased my faith immeasurably and I knew that this prayer moved the hand of God. Just as Caleb in his old age led the Israelites in to take the land, Caleb’s faith has led me. God, bless this little Irish Samuel whom You have given wisdom above his elders.

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