America let down

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Being in His Will

Even if we have been out of the will of God for a long time, we can take the key to the kingdom right now, open the door to the kingdom, and enter it.

It may mean leaving where you are, changing jobs, even for a lower salary and benefits, but there is no greater benefit than being in God’s will.  He promises to add everything else we need if we will seek His kingdom first.

The important thing, the critical thing, is that we are in His will.

Take Prayer Seriously!

Many Christians fire off a prayer to heaven for guidance and consider that all they need to do to seek His will.  Then they continue doing what they want to do.

The Kingdom of God is much more serious business.  As soldiers of Christ, we must wait for orders if we do not have them.  It can be a hard way to live at times, but it’s much harder not to live this way.

Kingdom Decisions

If we would make all of our major decisions based on seeking the Kingdom and His righteousness first, then He promises that everything else will be added to us.

However, if we do not seek the kingdom first, then we can likely count on there being constant discord and frustration in our lives.

America let down

After the president’s {President Obama] press conference at the G-20 meeting last week, I didn’t think I could ever be more embarrassed at our leadership.  Today I am more embarrassed.

First by the news that our pilots had to drop leaflets on ISIS to give them a warning that we were about to bomb a target.  That may be the single most foolish directive in the history of warfare.

Then to hear our president at the news conference with the French president take a walk down memory lane about Paris instead of engaging the French with a plan for defeating this grievous evil.  Windows of opportunity like this one don’t come too.

Now Hollande will go to Russia and find leadership he can trust in, and we will have missed our chance to seize the initiative back.

Even os, this is far more serious than just being embarrassed.  With the downing of the Russian jet by our NATO ally, Turkey, the world got even more dangerous.  Pray for your country.  We are in desperate need of leaders who are proactive, who know how to take and keep the initiative, who know who the enemy is, and are committed to defeating them.


~ Pastor Rick Joyner

Rick JoynerPastor Rick Joyner is the founder and executive director of MorningStar Ministries and Heritage International Ministries and is the Senior Pastor of MorningStar Fellowship Church.


America let down — 1 Comment

  1. I am a born again believe as you are. We need not fail to distinguish between the anti GOD corporate owned media and corporate run government and the American people we will be perpetually in confusion.
    The LORD’s will to His people is to discern what is right and what is evil.  We are not in desperate need of leaders. Rather every elected official goes to Washington to dine and wine with the corporate lobby and regime. If we have the discernment we can clearly see God is exposing the fact that U.S is running ISIS.
    For a year they media told us the U.S.A. is arming what it calls the “moderate opposition” to Assad in Syria, even though these so called moderate are insignificant. In fact there is a good reason to believe the arms intended to the so called moderate opposition in Syria might have indeed in to the hands of ISIS. And now we hear the news saying leaflets have been dropped warning ISIS about aerial bombardment is an open admission that U.S.A. government is running ISIS.
    And then we ask how many thousands of Christians have been murdered through out Iraq and Syria? What have we done about it? When we fail to raise our voices over this issue is it surprising when we see the LORD is rising a deliverer for the Christians of the middle East this time from another corner.
    Here are the facts, whether we like it or not, Putin’s Russia is not any more a Communist nation. What is more, Putin can be a dictator but this time around he has a moral cause and is on the right side of history.  If commonsense prevails, it is better to support a legitimate dictator than to back a jihadist.
    Still more, whether we like it or not, Russia is part and parcel of the western civilization.  Thus far, Putin is the only person, and now with France, who is determined to put out ISIS and has already done substantial damage against this savage group.
    Children of the LORD must have the necessary discernment in this hour. We must call evil by its right name. There is un utter evil yet undiscovered by the people that is taking place in our midst. To me it is this: “MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT THE MOTHER OF PROSTITUTES AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH,” Revelation 17:5.