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  1. Awesome; I knew President Trump is chosen by God; we Christians need to pray for him and his family as there are dark forces trying to derail him – but the Greater One lives in Trump!


    A third of the angels tried it
    A third of the angels failed
    To bring and keep all mankind
    In an eternal jail
    But behold The Bridegroom Cometh
    With Healing In His Wings
    With A Vengeance To Comfort those who mourn
    With a Bride on her bed who will sing
    To Establish Righteousness and Justice
    Through a New and Living Way
    To bring an end to the dark night
    To Deliver mankind’s Eternal Day

  3. Yes! President Trump is anointed, appointed, called out and chosen to lead this nation for such a time as this! Thank You Lord! Today we decree that he is blessed, that the favor of BOTH, God and man, rests upon him! The divine protection of God is upon him and his family. I thank You Lord today, as YOU are the FIREWALL that surrounds President Trump! (Zechariah 2:5) I thank You that You are daily with him, Your angels are continually encamped around him, I thank You that he is continually receiving Your counsel and being ministered to! I declare that he cannot fail, nor fall, as You GO BEFORE him! You guide his foot steps, each and every one! You have imparted YOUR WISDOM unto him, THE COUNSEL OF THE LORD is his portion! You even go as far as to CONFIRM through witnesses the choices that he should make! He leads the United States by way of YOUR WILL, By way of TRUTH, RIGHTEOUSNESS, JUSTICE and He leads this nation by way of THE CROSS…ONE GOD..The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and NONE OTHER! NONE OTHER! YOU, YOU ALONE, LORD, ARE GOD OF THIS NATION. Decreeing PEACE over any chaos, strife, hatred or division! Declaring that the very FIRE OF GOD stands directly in front of the face and/ or plans of the enemy! THE BATTLE BELONGS TO THE LORD, and those of us that believe and love this nation, we stand WITH YOU, GOD, we stand WITH YOU, PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP

  4. Amen Praise the Lord! Again I say Amen! I agree with this word from Almighty God surely it will come to pass!!!

  5. I had no opinion of trump one way or the other.  I had a short vision of him in 2016.  He said very sarcastically, 144,000, name it and claim it attitude.  Make of that what you will.

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