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America: Watch and Pray for SCOTUS & The US Senate! — 7 Comments

  1. When I read your statement in your prophecy that “I saw the enemy releasing his two pronged arrow”, I immediately recalled from another prophet that a “trident” has three prongs, while a “bident” has two.  Joe Biden!

  2. I stand with Supreme Court and President Trump and his administration in prayer , and for guidance for those in authority over us.  May the will of God be done and His enemies be scattered.

  3. Jesus is King over the United States of America this one nation Under God!!! Grace Grace to every mountain standing against God’s kingdom come in this nation and great confusion and failure upon the plans of His enemies. The ancient markers are restored as America returns to her destiny to shine the light of Jesus to the nations!!!

  4. Would that be the senate that is controlled by hypocrites who would not hold a hearing for Merrick Garland in 2016 yet are in a huge rush to push through the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett? 

    The “will of the people” is cited as justification to delay in 2016, yet ignored in 2020.

    I hope that people remember this when they vote on 3rd November.

    • The dems did not control the Senate in 2016….that’s why they could not push Merrick’s nomination thru. Trust me, if they did, they probably wouldn’t even had held hearings. They would have just taken the vote to get him in.

  5. Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered. Amen
    His counsel shall prevail and the devices of the wicked a thing of nought.

  6. I come into agreement Father God with these decrees in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. We give President Donald J. Trump to the Mighty Power of his Creator, the Author and FINISHER of his Faith to bring him perfectly into the fullness of his destiny and the full restoration of his identity found only in the Image of His Maker, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. NO weapon fashioned against him or any of his Cabinet, or their families shall prosper in the Power of Jesus Name. We thank You Father for the GOOD plans You have to prosper President Donald J. Trump, NOT to destroy him but to bring him to an expected end. ALL assignments released against these plans we give to You his Creator, the Author AND Finisher of his Faith, to work them, before they get off the ground, and any that already have, by Your Sovereign Power, into the ALL THINGS You are working together for his GOOD instead, in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord!!
    We decree the Presidential Seat of the Nation of the United States of America belongs to Jesus Christ, as well as every seat of Power and Authority upon the 7 Mountains of the land. This includes the Supreme Court Father. So we thank You now Father for whom You have chosen to Represent You in the Highest Court of the Land. Your Perfect Will be done, on Earth in The United States of America, as it is in Heaven.
    In the Name of Your Beloved Son, our Savior Jesus Christ I pray, Amen

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