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An Alarm Has Gone Off in the Spirit! — 5 Comments

  1. In the middle of the night, while sleeping , I heard a loud alarm in the spirit…it pulled me out of my sleep.

    It’s time to pray more than ever…and be on call for the moves of God.

    I looked up Alarm in the spirit and came across your article written back in 2016. I was glad to find that something had already been written about the alarm.

  2. I had the strangest experience. I began to hear an alarm sounding off in the spirit realm.  But didn’t quite understand what it meant?

    So I shared what I was experiencing with another WOG and she forwarded this article to me.

    I am greatful for the confirmation, clarity and understanding I now have as it pertains to the alarming sound I am hearing and will continue to stay on high alert and in a posture of prayer. In Jesus name..

  3. Selah and Amen. I so needed to hear this. Needed to regurgitate and meditate again on what the Lord has already said to me. I receive His freedom and I receive His commission in Jesus’ name.
    God bless you Pastor.

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