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An Urgent Word Concerning the USA — 5 Comments

  1. Yes, sister, YES!  Every morning during my prayer time I have been led to raise my hands to join so many other hands of the faithful in supporting Donald Trump, knowing with much joy that our Father’s mighty hands are also holding him and his entire administration far above his enemies, that a mighty army of angels stands guard over him and that God has anointed him with wisdom, might and authority like we haven’t seen displayed before in order to bring salvation and healing to our nation!

  2. What a powerful word!!! I posted on Facebook. I can tell this word is definitely from the Lord. Thank you for sharing the Fathers heart. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry! :)

  3. This latest vision of Brett Kavanaugh is such an encouragement to me as I have seen how the ravenous wolves have surrounded him with their lies & horrible accusations toward this fine, upstanding, worthy candidate for the Justice of the Supreme Court.  I know God is in control & will have the final word but this interpretation is wonderful to hear & I thank you for your faithfulness to seek God’s revelation for Donald Trump’s candidate for the Supreme Court.  We join you in prayer for this decision to be made quickly.

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