The following Teachings Letters are linked with supporting audio files. These audio recordings are available as free Real Player and mp3 downloads by the kind permission of Andrew Wommack Ministries.

All audio recordings last about 75-80 min. The Real Players files are 5-10Mb and the mp3 files are 20-25Mb. You will need to install Real Player listen to Real files.

A Better Way to Pray
Hypocrites Love to PrayRealmp3
Jesus is the Only MediatorRealmp3
The Primary Purpose of PrayerRealmp3
Speak to the MountainRealmp3
Prayer is a ProcessRealmp3
A Place Called “There”
A Place Called “There”Realmp3
The Widow of ZarephathRealmp3
Holy FireRealmp3
Elijah’s DownfallRealmp3
Elijah’s TranslationRealmp3
Anger Management
Godly AngerRealmp3
Ungodly Anger’s SourceRealmp3
Anger Towards God, Others, And SelfRealmp3
As I Have Loved You
A New Commandment I Give YouRealmp3
God’s Love Never FailsRealmp3
God Is Kind – To YouRealmp3
God’s Love is UnconditionalRealmp3
How Can I Know?Realmp3
The Believer’s Authority
We’re In A Spiritual WarRealmp3
Who Made SatanRealmp3
With Authority Comes Responsibility – Part 1Realmp3
With Authority Comes Responsibility – Part 2Realmp3
Law EnforcementRealmp3
The War is in Your MindRealmp3
Blessings and Miracles
Don’t Settle for LessRealmp3
Crisis and MiraclesRealmp3
The Blessing of GodRealmp3
The Power of WordsRealmp3
God’s Word = God’s BlessingRealmp3
The Christian First-Aid Kit
Christian First-Aid Kit IRealmp3
Christian First-Aid Kit IIRealmp3
Christian First-Aid Kit IIIRealmp3
Christian First-Aid Kit IVRealmp3
Christian First-Aid Kit VRealmp3
Christian First-Aid Kit VIRealmp3
Christian Philosophy
The Way We ThinkRealmp3
The Bible is God’s WordRealmp3
Jesus is Savior and LordRealmp3
God is a Good GodRealmp3
Creation Vs. Evolution, Part 1Realmp3
Creation Vs. Evolution, Part 2Realmp3
Creation Vs. Evolution, Part 3Realmp3
Homosexuality Realmp3
Abortion Realmp3
Christians and Politics
The Simple GospelRealmp3
Security Of The BelieverRealmp3
What Happened To The Old Man?Realmp3
Our Sabbath RestRealmp3
Every Thought Unto ObedienceRealmp3
The Heart Of ManRealmp3
The Sin NatureRealmp3
Seek First The KingdomRealmp3
Eternal Life Realmp3
Christians and Politics Realmp3
The Essence of the Gospel Realmp3
Ministering Unto God Realmp3
1 John 1:9 Realmp3
A work in progress – more to come!

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