The following teaching letters are available as free DOC and PDF downloads by the kind permission of Andrew Wommack Ministries.

All MS-Word .DOC files may be downloaded in this single  ZIP File.

A Better Way To Pray .doc .pdf
A Place Called “There” .doc .pdf
Acts 29 .doc .pdf
Andrew Wommack Living Commentary .doc .pdf
Anger Management .doc .pdf
As I Have Loved You .doc .pdf
AWM World Outreach .doc .pdf
Believer’s Authority .doc .pdf
Blessings And Miracles .doc .pdf
Call to Prayer .doc .pdf
Changed Lives – Africa 2009 .doc .pdf
Christian First-Aid Kit .doc .pdf
Christian Philosophy .doc .pdf
Christians and Politics .doc .pdf
Christians: Citizens and Disciples .doc .pdf
Dealing with Temptation .doc .pdf
Decisions Determine Destiny .doc .pdf
Discipleship Versus Evangelism .doc .pdf
Don’t Settle For Less—Receive God’s Best .doc .pdf
Effects of Praise .doc .pdf
Effortless Change .doc .pdf
Eternal Life – There more to it than you think! .doc .pdf
Faith For Healing Is Based On Knowledge .doc .pdf
Faith Is Based On Knowledge .doc .pdf
Faith of God doc .pdf
Fear of The Lord .doc .pdf
Financial Stewardship .doc .pdf
Financial Stewardship: I Earned It, It’s Mine! .doc .pdf
Financial Stewardship: The Practical Side .doc .pdf
Galatians .doc .pdf
Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians .doc .pdf
Getting Along With People .doc .pdf
God And Country .doc .pdf
God Wants You Well .doc .pdf
God’s Kind Of Love .doc .pdf
God’s Kind Of Love In Marriage .doc .pdf
God’s Man, Plan and Timing .doc .pdf
God’s Word – The Seed Of His Blessing .doc .pdf
Gospel of Peace .doc .pdf
Grace: The Power of the Gospel .doc .pdf
Hardness of Heart .doc .pdf
Harnessing Your Emotions .doc pdf
Healing & Niki’s Miracle .doc .pdf
What Do You Believe? .doc .pdf
Hell — A Reality Or A Metaphor? .doc .pdf
Her Name Is Grace .doc .pdf
Holy Spirit .doc .pdf
How To Be Happy .doc .pdf
How To Find Follow And Fulfill God’s Will .doc .pdf
How To Find God’s Will .doc .pdf
How To Follow God’s Will .doc .pdf
How To Fulfill God’s Will .doc .pdf
How To Overcome Doubt .doc .pdf
How To Prepare Your Heart .doc .pdf
How To Receive A Miracle – Part 1 .doc .pdf
How To Receive A Miracle – Part 2 .doc .pdf
How To: Deal With Grief .doc .pdf
How To: Flow In The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit .doc .pdf
How To Hear God’s Voice .doc .pdf
Is Jesus Enough .doc .pdf
It Finally Happened .doc .pdf
Killing Sacred Cows .doc .pdf
Knowing God .doc .pdf
Lessons From Elijah .doc .pdf
Lessons From Joseph .doc .pdf
Lessons From The Christmas Story .doc .pdf
Lisa Paxton’s Testimony .doc .pdf
Living In The Balance Of Grace And Faith .doc .pdf
Look Who Jesus Loves .doc .pdf
New You .doc .pdf
Our Authority Releases God’s Power .doc .pdf
Paul’s Thorn In The Flesh .doc .pdf
Positive Ministry of the Holy Spirit .doc .pdf
Power of a Testimony .doc .pdf
Power of Faith-Filled Words .doc .pdf
Power of Hope .doc .pdf
Power of Partnership .doc .pdf
Praise and Thanksgiving or Fear And Worry… You Choose! .doc .pdf
Psychology versus Christianity .doc .pdf
Reality of Faith .doc .pdf
Recession? No Thanks — I’m Not Participating! .doc .pdf
Redemption .doc .pdf
Relationship With God .doc .pdf
Revelation Knowledge .doc .pdf
Romans .doc .pdf
Sharper Than A Two-Edged Sword! .doc .pdf
Source of all Grief .doc .pdf
Sovereignty of God .doc .pdf
Sowers and Eaters doc .pdf
Spirit, Soul and Body .doc .pdf
Spiritual Authority .doc .pdf
State of the Ministry .doc .pdf
Staying Full of God .doc .pdf
Staying Positive in a Negative World .doc .pdf
Sure Foundation .doc .pdf
Taking The Limits Off .doc .pdf
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! .doc .pdf
The Sky is NOT Falling! .doc .pdf
True Nature of God .doc .pdf
Walking by Faith .doc .pdf
War is Over .doc .pdf
What is a Christian? .doc .pdf
What Pleases God .doc .pdf
What to do, When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered? .doc .pdf
Where Did I Come From? .doc .pdf
Who Made Satan? .doc .pdf
Who You Are In The Spirit? .doc .pdf
Whose Righteousness? .doc .pdf
Why, When and Where to Give .doc .pdf
Word Became Flesh .doc .pdf
You’ve Already Got It .doc .pdf

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Andrew Wommack’s Teaching Letters — 27 Comments

  1. Thankful to the wonderful teacher of the word of God.

    we are blessed by his teachings.

    The Source is the great support for every Believer.

    Thank you so much for your great support and Great concern to build the Kingdom of God.

    Thank you may god bless you.

  2. Just want to say a big THANK YOU for opening up our eyes to the Word – so important today (even though my mom and I both are Christians and do read and study the Word).  My mom and I have been impacted by your teaching and are living a much more victorious life through them.
    May the Lord bless you richly for your service unto Him.
    Kind regards,

  3. Praise God. Thanks a lot for all these materials.  By the time, I finish reading all these materials, I will no more be the same person in my thought and action.

  4. Thank you so much. Very useful article for my spiritual growth.Sincere prayer and wishes.
    Kingston.J, Tuticorin India.

  5. Praise God !!! I am so blessed in these wonderful teachings which contains the precious word of God to use as a proper food to the growth of my spirit in order to become the creator of mine!!!!

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