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Are You Feeling Called Out by The LORD? — 3 Comments

  1. I am feeling a drawing Of the Holy Spirit. In the church that I currently attend they do not believe in speaking in tongues. I do not know how I can be used of God there. In 2014 a prophet told me that I have the office of an Evangelist.I can see things starting to unfold in my life pertaining to this. Do you have any advice on this. Thanks

    • Dear Karen,
      As you know, evangelists do not need to evangelize inside churches, but outside.  So in that sense, you may be right…
      However, if you are feeling called by the LORD into evangelism, then just start by reaching out to those strangers whom you meet in your daily life, and then be led by the LORD from there on out. 
      Start small… and you will come into your calling as you submit to it.
      Take that first step and then seek the LORD for a partner to minister with you.  The LORD will provide.
      Blessings in Christ,

  2. Yes this is a great and mighty season we are in.  Absolutely everything is changing to the point that our daily activites are changing. My husband and I found as we entered this month of July that our day to day immediately changed and there is change so vivid in us we do not even feel like the same people. It is like we have stepped through the “looking glass”.  The Lord also reminds us from time to time that this is also a bittersweet season as the separation of sheep and goats happens. Dig into Him like never before for His peace will guide us through these radically changing times and even the grief we experience as we see people removed will not be the same. Strength will increase now in His people so that overcoming is an everyday event. Last night the Holy Spirit spoke “welcome to wonderland”. Expect great blessing and have an awesome day.

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