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  1. I agree, but I had a problem in my life. I was not able to resolve it. I was asking God for clarity. It was difficult to get hold of any prophet or any man of God who will readily set apart his time to pray and confirm what God had spoken to me. I was having lot of unanswered questions

    However I came across a Prophet who had 1on1 sessions via phone call for 300 USD.

    Because of my situation, I scheduled for 1on1. He called me and revealed exactly what God has spoken to me. And gave me more revelation of my calling. He also prayed for a healing (lump in wife breast), which we received and got confirmed by oncologist.

    True they should not charge money, but the way I was look at it, I’m paying for his time.
    Honestly speaking I don’t think any Prophet of God will set time apart for your case in the midst of their busy schedule. You won’t find on online who will do it for free.

  2. Unfortunately, there are many ministries who charge to teach you the word of God, for you to become what God called you to be apparently, and worst of all charge to supposedly speak what God is saying. I have told believers that they are supposed to hear God and Prophets are not supposed to be fortune tellers or give you a word on demand. When I am asked about dreams, or what has God said, I tell the truth, the gift of prophecy does not operate in this way according to my years of experiencing God speak to me through His word, visions, dreams, words of knowledge, His chosen vessels. He never tells me about every personal detail of an individual’s life and tells me what I need to know to heal and this still does not involve knowing every personal information, He gives me information about the presence of demonic oppression, to deliver or He gives me knowledge that will help to restore if the person is ready and willing. If you are seer Prophet it’s double the blessing and double the trouble I’m afraid and seeing both spiritual realms can be rewarding for those God wants to hear and not so fantastic when seeing evil spirits holding people captive especially if they don’t want God. If false prophets are gaining very personal information outside of God’s will,it is from familiar spirits that lead to more oppression, power for the person’s own interests and not to glorify God and not to lead the person to glorify God.
    I don’t get revelation all the time, every second of the day and I certainly would never expect to ask for money for anything pertaining to God. If you are truly walking in Christ, have the Holy Spirit then if God reveals anything to you it will be in line with His will and His word, to save, to warn, encourage or admonish, It should be confirming what you already received from God. Our Saviour broke down the barrier between man and God after He fulfilled the great commission by dying on the cross for our sins so that all those seeking God and wanting to be made new and filled with the Holy Spirit, could hear and speak to God. God has always revealed knowledge for my life from Him and He sometimes uses people who are in Christ to confirm what He said but they should never become His replacement or first point of call. If you are not hearing from God, you are either not living in obedience or are not saved and it is as simple as that. I will always direct a person to God only, for spiritual direction, revelation and teaching of the Holy bible, yes you can be supported by true brethren but don’t lean on them because they
    are human beings like everyone else who make mistakes, get it wrong or speak from their heart and not from being led by the Spirit of God.
    Most prophets I have encountered in churches and online charge for attending their conference and there are many well known ministries all around the world that endorse these con artists. If they reveal a sickness to humiliate you, intimidate you and make you believe they are powerful you are in danger run as fast and as far away as possible, delete their prophetic words, podcasts and stay away from their money making ministries. True children of God gifted by God don’t do this, so far I have not come across a ministry with these liars that don’t want to empty your pockets. In the book of Acts, the Apostles did not need to do any of this because the light of Jesus in them was revealed to the people and they gave gladly without it being demanded, manipulated, frightening the person or in our modern world highlighted on fancy websites that I see as seductive spirits deceiving vulnerable, desperate people and people with a lack of knowledge concerning the word of God. If you obey God and are filled with the Holy Spirit you will hear God’s still small voice and His chosen people will support what God has spoken without them knowing any prior knowledge of the individual given to them by others.
    If I am asked to interpret a dream, I always ask have you asked God for the answer unless God commands me I don’t speak and I do not do demand service. I don’t broadcast who I am, if God is speaking revelation to me you will see it come to pass and in being led by the Holy Spirit in this, it is effortless because it requires the Holy Spirit of God that moves freely in the person it dwells in. Im not online to promote my ministry, I’m not on social media and I don’t have a headline of ‘Prophet’. I did not ask to be one, nor wanted to be, it comes with many hardships, pain and suffering but it also comes with some joy, more and more reverence for God when He gives revelation. When believers were telling me what God said of the Spiritual gift, I really did not like to hear it, anyone who wants to run into becoming a Prophet is either lacking knowledge about the life of a Prophet or is a misleading one. However, God has appointed individuals to be one and if they love God and the destiny of humans souls they will answer the call.
    I have never known a true Prophet that does not suffer hatred, persecution, rejection, humiliation and a life that can be endangered. It’s not a self glory gift or a self profiting gift either and it comes with great responsibility and one not to be entered into lightly or abused. God does chastise, although many new age teachings would paint a different picture of God, yes God is love but God is also just and the best way to know God is seek Him and believe His word and obey it. By doing this you will not be deceived, you will not listen to watered down false doctrine and you will be able to discern between good and evil, truth and lie. You will already know what is happening now and at everyone’s door and therefore be ready for the return of our Lord and Saviour Yeshua, Jesus Christ.
    Prophets do not have all the answers and nor did God allow this to be the case or they would become like Lucifer who got so big headed he wanted to be like the Most High and deceived over a third of God’s Holy Angels who left their first estate never to return. Jesus mentioned many times that there would be false prophets and they are growing rapidly. He emphasized this so many times because He knew what damage they would cause to those seeking after God then and now and in these last days we are living in. God is coming and many churches are compromised, deceived, lukewarm and sinful, the chosen are a few but the conversion will be many. The church that keeps the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ will be under increasing threat in a world that wants to live without God. These are the reasons why are fish, beast of the fields are dying, why our weather is becoming more violent across the globe, why so many more people will lose their lives due to this, why so many will suffer more mental oppression and mental illness, why are world is enslaving people more. We have not even started to see the reality that we are in the end times and and only Jesus the Son of God can save souls as our world passes away and we are blessed to be chosen to help Him do this, use it but don’t abuse it, as we will all come before God.

    • Hi Apostle Barbara Thomas we need more people like u may GOD take u from strength to strength and may GOD,S favor always be upon ur life, 2 prophets insist that I should show a seed so that they can tell me what GOD has to say to me and I was really confused, because I believe it, s a gift from GOD so why must I pay for what GOD has to say I thought that, I knew something wasn’t right thank u for answering my question GOD bless u❗

  3. This has been confusing for me because I was always told that you must sow a seed for what was released to you by the prophet.  I was taught that you do not go before a prophet without a reward. This brings clarity.

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