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  1. Sister it isn’t easy to enjoy your daily walk and talk and privacy when you have no more privacy. When you are threated like a dangerous or a sick person, it isn’t easy to have the best thoughts. When the surround you on EVERY way – it starts when you leave house – and torture you with observation (sun glasses men with hidden bluetooth and all the stuff) and police control (!!) in EVERY train and on EVERY way, computer and cell phone under totally spy – even they walk in your home though you changed keys – it isn’t easy to have then good thoughts around the clock…..Does anybody know how it tortures when they await you on every corner and they speed up very loud the motors of their cars and motorcycles, and they give light signals and horns and when you take the bus, they sit close in the bus or stand behind you – and as I told here under another comment – they prefer to surround with 666 car plates from the moment I leave house, on every street and until evening when I leave work, they stand and drive there. MANY cars, MANY people.  They like to show how many they are. They let even their children mock you and sing you songs of “we go to America”….and when you realize that they even manipulated all of your friends to treat you so “careful” with a false compassion and empathy as if you were a sick person – sister when you would have to undergo such a terror, you would understand that thinking only GOOD thoughts is not realistic.
    One day GOD will repay all the tortures. If some may have thought this program would be necessary to me – they thought WRONG. They thought evil ! God tells us we should hate all evil. But love the sinners. Yes, I try to love them all. Many of them are very sick and they do not know it. But God…one day soon GOD will show up with all His power and might.
    I am on my way home from work just now this evening. You can pray for me that I have a good way.

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