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August: Divine Abundance, Access & Acceleration — 3 Comments

  1. Dear sister, while I read this article, a heavy rainfall is outside, abundant rainfall, even a warning in the land for tonight /we have 9:35 a.m. just now) and after some hot days it is like Autumn here. Anyway – GOD still is LORD, HE makes the weather (I heard of menmade weather manipulations, yes, we all know…BUT GOD….HE knows, too).  He makes fields dry or does watering them, like He wants.
    Once I witnessed dry tress on a full field of many fruit bearing trees. All started well in Spring. The old farmer was silent when he stood before them and brought it into relation with his proud son… he did not really love the abundance of fruits year after year – he even made his business before and after church on Sundays. Money money money….No one expected this “failure” of the harvest. BUT GOD….

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