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  1. Absolutely right. This is really sad if our heart is not passionate for the things of our God. The church has to wake up and come out of its worldly ways. Thank you Priscilla.

  2. was thinking that prayer support would be favourable for you,
    and that made me realize that I have not added prayer for you, so sort of feel like I have let you (and Him) down.

    may He give you, like the proverbs 31 woman, many helping hands —tho more full of wisdom, knowledge, discernment and skill to use their talents and vocations
    in a timely and judicious manner, with much of their direction from Him, so you can be fully employed/engaged in ‘labouring’ and birthing—and they take the babies into their hands.  As the midwives said to Pharoah:

    The Amplified Bible
    Exodus 1:19

    The midwives answered Pharaoh, Because the Hebrew women are not like the Egyptian women; they are vigorous and quickly delivered; their babies are born before the midwife comes to them.

  3. I would also like to add, if that’s alright.

    Rev 12 gives us the picture, I believe, of the Visible Church birthing the Manchild. The MC is being birthed out-of-site(attic) because it is a work of The Spirit. The ladder is like Jacob’s and the one Christ spoke of, Gen28:12;Jn1:50-51. Most in the visible Church cannot “see” by Faith the True Christ or understand His works, and cannot access the attic, the Heavenly relm because of unbeief. But God alsways has His Remnant, the shoot coming from the leftover stump. Only The Spirit will be able to “help”, Paraklete, this work, not the arm of flesh. The attic is also a place where things are “dumped, stored, and forgotten, 1Cor1:23-31; 1cor2:4-14;Heb13:13. The bucket is the place of humble beginnings much like the manger.It also represents where the MC, The Bride, will come together, many small ones making up His Body, and be made One, in Him EPH4:1-13. The MC will also come with the Rod of iron, Christ’s power and authority,( you saw baby’s ‘crown’ so to speak) to complete the Father’s Eternal Plan on the Earth along with a great harvest. When that happens, the MC will be G726 “harpazo’d”, 1TH4:17. This also corresponds to Rev3:12(+ vs’ 10-12) regarding the Philidelphia Church. The Church that flees into the Wilderness, Rev12:13-17, is also the Laodicean Church, Rev3:14-22, those eating and drinking and giving in marriage MT24:37-44., and left behind.

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