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  1. The amazing fact is that Christ has already come to take the cross, and resurrect on the third day, that we are no ones doorway to heaven, except him. If Christ had not died then our faith is futile, but he did die and resurrected. We can only warn those who trample upon his Blood and his Saints that God rather see the wicked repent than to see them perish, as God also said, do not touch my annointed. It is better to tie a rock around your neck and jump of a bridge than to cause one of his little ones to stumble. The world is filled with temptation but woe unto the one who does the tempting.

    Many have come this hour believing God appointed them to his vineyard but reality is that they have planted the weed amongst the wheat, and in their deception caused some to stumble, where God otherwise would have not done so, for God will not lead his servants astray, for it is the Fathers will that Jesus not lose even one of these little ones.

    For Satan is the Author of Lies and Confusion. And many have followed his rank thinking it was God who appointed them to these positions, but God says what a fatal mistake it was. Do not test the Lord your God but we should also not tempt Satan.

    Obidience not to men or the perception of men but obidience to God is the only way.

    Many put trust in other things, and their assurance in wordly things but it is a fact, that not even one sparrow falls to the ground with out God knowing. For he searches the deep things of mens heart. For the Bible warns that many will heed to doctrine of Demons, denying even Christ, acting Holy but rejecting the same power that could save them.

    Imagine how many are decapitated since the start for Christ? Even now so, and how many believers are playing with God.

    For it is a frightening thing to fall into the Hands of the living God.

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