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The Blessings of a God Prepared Wilderness — 3 Comments

  1. I desperately need prayer, please. I’ve been sifted, falsely imprisoned and thrown in the pit. It’s been a wilderness experience, for sure.  I’ve tried to remain strong but between the Jezebel spirit, witchcraft, Python and the spirit of Death…I’ve barely hung onto life through it all.
    I’ve been waiting for the Lord’s promise that He’s sending older, stronger eagles to come surround me and lift me up.
    I’ve been all by myself for months with no phone or car or job/income or food…No heat during winter, no running water or toilet facilities… No one to talk to about the things of the Lord And unable to get to my church 40 miles away!
    I’ve been so lonely. I need strength. I need deliverance from whatever blocks me from believing the Lord loves me and that I’ll make heaven.
    I know, at least in part, the destiny God has set before me…but I’m weary and losing hope…and feel unworthy anyway. Then the Spirit revealed my “good friend” who was allowing me to live in her RV, is a practicing witch and using it against me. Then last night, she kicked me out!
    I came to the gas station to use Wi-Fi. I have nowhere to go and nowhere to store my belongings. I’m in North Idaho and it’s already cold here at night. I found a tent at the dumpster but can’t imagine I’ll survive winter in it in the forest.
    I’m just at a complete loss. And I don’t want to disappoint the Lord or myself. But i no longer see the way ahead. I just need to feel like I’m not so doggone alone in this world.

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