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Called Out and Set Aside to be an Apostle! — 3 Comments

  1. God Bless You sister in Christ!
    Thank you for sharing this and Thanks to God that He is working mightily through His people.
    This is really exciting times!

  2. God is the head of the church. I understand that he has hidden away his eagles but he has powerful sermons directly related to the lives of many as the body. This message might mean a lot for many and the living word too speaks to the lives of many. I find that on Sundays the messages from different churches are very similar to each other being that the Holy Spirit is directing the pastor. Can you please speak to me as to why you feel that the church system is not right? Is it the money factor that you feel is out of place? I would like to hear more about your opinion because when it comes to my church I feel that I’ve developed family members in the body and it’s so nice to gather with other believers instead of being isolated all of the time! God is good and faithful however we do need the community to grow with

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