Called Out of the Cave

Updated: November 2015.


We are in a time that we must realize that Abba is calling us out of our caves!

There was a time I thought that being in the cave meant that we are in the desert and going through the purification fire.

But today the Lord is asking from us to come out of our cave of our own safe groups and churches!

It is easy to love those who think and do as you…  for example, you are celebrating Shabbat, and you believe in His calendar and His feasts.  But how about loving those who come together on Sunday or celebrating Christmas?  The central point, is Yeshua!

When we believe in His birth out of a virgin, and when we believe in His dead on the cross, and His resurrection power, and His going to heaven, and His soon return, as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and that He is God and the Son Of Men , we are ONE!

Now stepping out of the cave means: dare to reach hands towards each other, even when you think differently on certain subjects!

Only the Spirit can convince us what the truth is! Let go and let God!  When we look to the Torah portion of this week, we see how Moshe [Moses] says, that he only wants to go, when they are sure that God goes with them.

So to make sure that you will make the right decisions He needs to go with you, He needs to grow inside of you and you need to die to self!  But, at the other hand if we read about the dry bones, and how the Lord wants them to resurrect, we must see the balance of things!  There comes an end to the purification process, He will fill you with His Spirit!

In order to make the dry bones live, they need to connect and they need flesh!  We are the bones, and we need each other to get connected and to create ONE BODY!

And in order to “connect the flesh” we must believe that there comes an end to the purification!  When we face our Golgotha, (Hebrew word for skull, meaning without flesh ) we also will be resurrect!

Before we can connect with each other, we must go through that purification process, but we also need each other cause it is possible that what I have you have not and what you have I have not!

During this past week, since Apostle Lee Anna Marino is here, she learned things from me, and I learned things from her!  She could use some things that I have, and I was in need of things that she has!   And God did it, because we served each other and we wanted to help each other!  We reached out to each other!

Okay let me give you an example: I do not eat meat.  And there came a day in my life where the Lord revealed to me I needed to eat vitamin B 12, because I felt real sick, and it turned out I was lacking that vitamin.  These past months, however, I felt sick again, and I needed to use the vitamins again, only this time I eat too much!

So again I felt real sick!  BALANCE is the key word!

Now this is exactly what happened between Apostle Lee Ann Marino and myself!

Without certain skills, we cannot serve the Body of Christ properly, but having too much of certain skills or attitudes (meaning that it will end up in control or too much rules and protocol), we can`t serve the Body either!

When they found the tomb empty they saw His cloak (His tallied) lay curled up…
The meaning of that is, that he told them:  I am coming back!

After we convert, we learn to know the crucified Messiah.  This means, we walk with Him through the desert period (hot days and cold nights and this represents people will leave you and the fire of God will purify you) going to Gethsemane (Hebrew word meaning crushing of olives meaning we will face pressure but anointing will come) to finally face our Golgotha. (Hebrew word for skull = without flesh )  After the “period of the three dark days” we will meet the risen King!

“When crushing grain for bread, one doesn’t thresh it forever; one drives the horse and cart wheels over it but doesn’t crush it to powder.  This too comes from ADONAI-Tzva’ot – his counsel is wonderful, his wisdom great,” Isaiah 28: 28-29.

Now today the Spirit of the Lord is telling us:

“Those who are at the end of the purification process need to stand!***

And just as Lazarus you need to come out of your cave!

Allow Me to connect the dry bones, and belief, that I AM will give you back your flesh!

But this time it is MY FLESH it is MY glory that will come upon your dry bones!

And I will breathe MY breath into you as I did with Adam!

And I will set the daughters free, because Eva came out of the side of Adam, and not out of his feet or out of his head… .you are equal in My Spirit!

When I can connect you, the head bone connected to the shoulder bone, and so on, I can give you your flesh back!.

And then start walking with ME if you allow Me I will walk with you as the cloud was there and the fire was there with Moshe [Moses]!

I will use you to show My love and it will break every yoke!

You need to tell them that I AM is the God of the second chances and I will help you if you fall!

Like a child who is starting to learn to walk and is falling and while falling it is grabbing the tablecloth, and everything is falling on the ground, and the mother will clean the mash, and kiss the child, and encourage it to try again to walk without falling, so am I when my children make a mistake!  I will clean the mash, kiss you and encourage you to start all over again!

Now here is my voice and I Am saying:  

Lazarus come out of your cave.  Daughter dance your dance to freedom!
Embrace each other.  Serve each other.  Dry bones connect to each other
And I will give you new flesh so you can walk!
It is time my sons must come visible and I will speak and serve through them,  And My love will break the yokes!“

* * * * *


Explanation that goes with my notes:

*** We leave Egypt walk through the Jordan river and enter Canaan…  all of this happens while they are ON this earth.

The purification process has nothing to do with living a crucified life!

We always will walk as people who live a crucified life and we can fall….

Read in the note what the Lord said about how we can fall and how He will help us but the purification will end…..  purification will lead to brokenness!

So we can obey HIM without walking with bit and bridle we can soar in the Spirit.

Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle or they will not come to you. It means the end of walking with the crucified Messiah (the desert periods going through Gethsemane and finally coming to Golgotha = without flesh) and to walk with the Risen KING.

It does not mean that we can walk without HIM but the sons are coming visible and they are filled with glory not as KINGS without a shepherd but as empty vessels filled with HIS Spirit….  they walk without bit and bridle and follow the Lord!

See Scriptures:

Exodus 33:12-34:26 , Ezekiel 36: 37-37:14 , 1 Corinthians 5:7–8


Blessings and Shalom over you!
~ Mamme Devorah
Called by Yeshua by the will of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
“Adversity is the spark that lights the matches, to glow the fire of self-confidence,”   Catharina Schouten.

Catharina Schouten-MeijerCatharina Schouten–Meijer (Mamme Devorah) is the founder of Dezerto Floro Foundation – Desert Flower. Blossoming despite hardship!  She encourages, inspires, teaches, and is training and equipping people.  She goes wherever the Father is sending her! She is sent in the Biblical way.  In 1995 the Holy Spirit set her apart, for the work to which He has called her.  Pastor Hendrik – Jan van Mourik – Restoration Church – in the Netherlands, sent her in the apostolic and prophetic ministry in 2006.  Rev. Paul van Beek God’s Outreach Ministry Int. sent her in the Deborah call in 2011.  Ministry mandate: Isaiah 45 Deliverance, Rebuilding, Restoration.

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