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Chaos (2017) To Order (2018) — 3 Comments

  1. Ambition has been my nemesis too. Selfish ambition is mentioned right along with murder, sexual sin, drunkenness and the like as being a reason one would not see the Kingdom of God. The world applauds ambition, while the Kingdom abhors it. Putting my hand to what God is doing is a subtle form of ambition, but ambition never-the less. It is all deadly!

  2. Thank you for this word. God is speaking through you to me right where I’m at. I am this person. I have finally gone to the mountain and died. And I can’t wait to see new life, my promised land. Thank you and God bless:)

  3. You are saying it.  I definitely died this year. I tell people often I know the day selfish ambition, among other things, truly died.  I groaned in tears and intercession in a way I have never in my life heard and it came from the depths of me. It was the most painful and yet most necessary time of my life.  He’s bring order to our lives like I have never seen.  Great word.

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