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  1. Ms. Geraldine I have been putting together a message and I am getting ready to record it and put it on my website, It’s title is “Apocalypse: The Unveiling”, It has to do with Daniel and revelation, Although we know not the hour or the day it is for us to know the season and if we want to know the season all we have to do is study Daniel and revelation, It’s right there in the scripture, And according to scripture the season for the coming of the Lord is now, I agree with and I am on the same page spiritually.
    My only concern is that people look at Trump like he is our savior and he is going to fix everything, He can’t do what we need done, Trump is comparable to King Cyrus, King Cyrus didn’t acknowledge the Lord but God put him in place for am time until the Lord finished His work before He came on the scene, I pray that the Lord will open the eyes of the nations of the world so they can know the only truth that can make them free.
    Be blessed Ms. Geraldine, I will pray for you and please pray for me.

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