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  1. Remember every man, woman and child will be judged for every thought, word and action that we do. Including what we cause others to do because of our actions. If we cause another to sin or fall away from Christ, we are guilty just as they are for doing it, unless we repent and seek forgiveness for what we have done before the Living God of Abraham. Just because we think it is appropriate does not mean the Living God does. It is only because of our sinful flesh that we believe something is good when it is not. That is why we need to rely on the word for what is good for us or not. For our sinful self will always tell us it is okay to do, no matter what the bible teaches us to the contrary. We as sinful beings of flesh will always choose the sin unless someone teaches us otherwise. It is up to us to discern whether something is against the Bible or not. But always remember your own soul will pay the ultimate price if you choose wrongly. Remember the Lord is forgiving but first we must abide in Him and His Word. We must trust what it says.

  2. Amen to your message brother Neville. I’ve always loved reading your posts knowing that you’re a Spirit led person. Back in the 90’s the Ruach Hakodesh(Spirit of our God) spoke clearly to me that since I’m His daughter, shouldn’t I be wearing clothes made for women and not men’s clothing because His word is clear about that. It was a Saturday and I was getting ready to go to the market to buy some vegetables and was trying to wear my jeans pants. I wore a dress instead from that day until now. I had repented before Him and realised His Word is truly our guide to His path of righteousness for a victorious life in our walk with Him. Our God bless you my brother in declaring His truth. Shalom.

  3. Dear Mr. Neville,

    God doesn’t mention men in terms of morality & modesty..?
    So therefore, men wearing their pants down to their knees, so that their underwear shows is acceptable?  Me thinks not!

    How about men’s preening, with flashy clothing..?  Nice smelly stuff..?  And their fancy cars; which they believe will attract women..?

    God points out morality for both men & women. Are you really saying God either doesn’t care or doesn’t have anything to say about men’s modesty..?  Modesty is a part of being moral, for both men & women.  Treat ppl equal, God does.

    Oh & by the way… women… Jewish women wore make up.  It was not banned, it was part of their culture.

    Now I don’t want to continue to fight about this (that’s not God’s way).  Also I can see you’re not receiving my posts well.  So… I’ll let this be my last, you can comment if you choose, but I do find you biased towards women & as a women I was offended.

  4. Dear Neville,

    How long is your beard..? Are the bells on the hem of your under garments ringing loudly enough..? Are you keeping all the Mosiac laws..? 
    Oh that’s right, we’re under grace – that includes women too; funny you missed that, odder still you could only see the faults of women.

    Are I said before, your post admonished “ONLY” women.  How astute of you to see the faults of women, but find perfection (or at leasts not mention any) in men.

    May I suggest (not make a biblical rule), that men should marry women within their age group.  Not women “with the bloom of youth” still rosey on their cheeks.  Who are 20, 30, & 40 or more years younger; which godly men seem to run after.
    After all, are there no older godly women, who are grounded in Jesus to marry. 
    How about men fasting & praying to keep their hearts pure & eyes & mind on praising Jesus, & not the women that walk in front of them ? 
    How about we all seek to please Jesus by focusing on Him & not other ppl’s transgressions.

    Please Mr. Neville take the log out of your own eye, then you can see more clearly!

      • Dear Mr. Neville, the Bible is never wrong, it is God’s Word to us.  Its the way ppl present the Bible & bash with it!

        As I said, “you found only fault with women – how astute of you.”
        There is a history of so-called godly men using the Bible to bash & smash at women – to make women the cause of sin.  Men have sought to control women, the Living God doesn’t want to control us, HE wants us to lovingly follow Him.

        Also, there is no reason a woman can’t wear make up, nice modest clothing or fix their hair nice.  God wants our hearts in tune with HIM first.  In the passages you gave God is saying, I want your heart focused on ME – Your outward appearance is not so important as your spiritual growth & love for ME.

        But if you insist that you are not being judgmental just giving out God’s Word, then where is your admonishment to men?  Are they sinless..? is God not concerned with their morality.. modesty?  Do men not need guidance.. or are they perfect?

        In today’s world where morality & modesty are absent so much of the time, instruction is needed.  Perhaps you should seek to balance your admonishment, speaking to “all” parties involved.  Not singling women out.

        • Satan attacks women so they can seduce men but whatever principles God gives to one sex usually applies to the other

  5. Dear Neville,
    I found your post judgmental & unBiblical. 
    Shall we treat women like chattel, have virginity tests, force them to be identified as prostitutes for not wearing a veil..?  What are your so-called godly rules ?
    Is there no middle ground..?  Women who do wear make up are automaticly not trusting God, & trying to sexualuze themselves. A women can’t wmodestly wear make-up & still be considered godly..?  Not according to you.

    But what caught my eye was how women “alone” are singled out by you as the problem.  Not one small word.. rebuke, to men, Wow!  How perceptive.. godly of you to point the many faults of women & show us that men are perfect.

    You missed the Mark & you need to apologize to women & God for your rant.

  6. The Bible says that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory
    Prostitutes use to cut their hair short so if you had short hair you were considered a woman of ill repute so their head had to be covered.
    No covering is mentioned so God’s covering must be meant that is long hair.
    As for preaching, ask The Holy Spirit what to wear and remember they are to see Jesus and not be distracted by what you wear.

  7. Dear Neville,

    I’m quite convicted by this message.Please do let me know more in depth on slacks and pants and how should women who preach dress up before the Pulpit.
    Also should we cover the head when before the pulpit or in churches ?
    these were questions springing within in the past one week as I am in a repentance fast and this comes to me at a right hour.So i would like to know more about it.

    Im immensely blessed by this causing me to be aware of KIngdom Values.

    Thank You.

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