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  1. I’m going back to enjoying what I used to enjoy before I became ‘good’ with conversion. I think I know what the messenger is trying to say but it’s exactly what scares me. Not too long ago, I’d see a really dolled up woman whose head was covered and pray for her. I was recently humbled by one such and younger woman – she showed me what it means to love others, even myself. It’s nothing like the faith I’ve come to embrace and it’s shaking me up good.

  2. I’m sorry Neville, I try not to read your posts…. I really do!  They are SO UNBIBICAL!  I find you to be a Judeizier.. Legalistic & very Judgemental! 

    Hair coloring.. make-up.. beards.. tattoos.. & fashionable clothing..? 
    What’s next, women sitting in the back, separate from men..?  Or perhaps you’re of the persuasion that women shouldn’t preach.. teach.. OR speak at all! 
    Next you’ll be telling me I’m saved through child bearing…  Gee, & here I thought Jesus did it all, silly me!

    Are YOU working your way into heaven..?  Cause I’m not – & furthermore, nothing I do in physical will earn me salvation OR heaven!  Nor will it EARN me Brownie Ooints with God – HE LIVES ME UNCONDITIONALLY!

    Jesus Christ did it all!  It’s in him, & by him I am saved!  I don’t have to jump through your hoops of legalism & judgment!

    Good ppl don’t go to heaven, Saved.. Redeemed.. Bought by the Blood of the Lamb Ppl go to heaven!  And I personally know that I will never deserve salvation OR heaven.. EVER!

  3. It is not what you do, but rather why. Our Lord and King knows what others do not, your heart. Rest easy now and seek Him in all things. Your love of impressing Him is much more than anything else. Amen.

    • Where in the bible does it say we are going to hell if we wear lipstick or color our hair. I know what to 10 commandment say and the two greatest commandments say but I have read the Bible for almost 49 years and have never read what you said.

    • Neville,
      You are a Judaizer, a Legalist & judgmental.
      Your prophetic words are filled with legalism & judgments; now you’re bringing in this cursed Judaizer Word.. your wrong! 

      You use the Bible to smash & bash others when they try & reason with you!  I refuse to be bashed or smashed by you! 

      Simply put… you are unBiblical & wrong!  You need to get right with God – & no I don’t believe you are hearing from God.


  4. I prayed about your previous post that was similar to this. It seems this is directed mostly to women, am I correct? Was feeling distressed after reading your last post about makeup and nail polish, etc. because I want to be right with God so I prayed about it. Later in the evening I had a woman pop up in my mind that I knew almost 20 years ago who was a customer at a store I worked at. Beautiful haircut, fashionable clothing and her makeup was so chic.  She was always so nice to me at a time when I was miserable, full of despair , depressed and not walking with the Lord because I was afraid of Him.  This woman always had a smile on her face and an encouraging word to say. A year or so later after I returned to the Lord and got a job working at a Christian bookstore who walks in one day? This woman! Then I knew immediately the source of her joy and kindness! It was the Lord! The Lord used this fashionable and makeup wearing woman to encourage me and let me know He cared about me and this was before I turned back to Him! I also found out this woman was a personal shopper for a very high end department store and she had to as part of her job look nice and on trend. SO my point is that yes, God will use people who wear makeup and nail polish and so forth to reach the lost who also wear makeup and nail polish and so forth.  We women like to look nice and one way to bond is through shopping and fashion etc.  God will send to believers the people who are not Christian but might have similar looks and tastes so that a relationship/friendship can start and thus over time they may become more receptive to the Gospel. Women can bond and talk about life and eventually Jesus while getting their nails done for example. Imagine if the personal shopper I previously described went into that high end store looking like a regular joe? She’d look like she knew nothing about fashion and I’m pretty sure she’d not have the job for very long! The fashion world is very surface level and can be a very empty place! There are people who have empty lives that are trying to fill it with shopping and things. If God puts His people into the department store and fashion world then they will be there to shine the light of Christ in a VERY dark place! And if God puts people who are fashionable into a very dark world then they can shine the light of Christ in it!  BUT I will say one must check their heart as to WHY they wear makeup or nailpolish. If it’s for fun and to express how one feels artistically? And one has peace with the Holy Spirit then that’s good. But if those things are tied to lust, vanity, poor self esteem, etc. then there is a heart issue and this then must be brought to the Lord.  We must do heart checks and bring all things to the Lord and see what He has to say about it. And keep in mind that makeup and fashion IS HUGE RIGHT NOW WITH THE YOUTH! LIKE H-U-G-E! Go onto YouTube and see how many makeup and fashion tutorials are being done by the youth right now. It’s amazing. Such talent! And there are Christians who are on YouTube using their artistic gifts for fashion, fashionable clothing and art though cosmetics and nail polish designs to reach the lost. And they are MODEST! and it’s so refreshing to see!  So , please, look these things up on YouTube and see what God is doing and please pray about it. A Christian woman can do one video on her makeup routine and YouTube can take that and bring it up on people’s search lists when they are on YouTube. If they like the video then God can nudge them to see what else the Christian woman has on her YouTube channel and those videos can be about Christ. God can use the makeup and the fashion and the nailpolish as a way to reach the lost. We Christian women don’t have to have shorn hair and plain sack dresses in order to go out into the world.

    • I am posting an update to this
      It is not what y ou do but the reason you do it that Jesus looks at
      Your work may require it
      There is nothing wrong with looking your best but you need to examine the reason why
      If you believe The Holy Spirit want yo to dress that way then no one can criticise you for it
      If yo do it to be acceptable and fit in with the fashionable crowd (remember Satan designs most fashions) then you are saying a Christian is no different to a member of Satan’s kingdom
      You need to examine y our h eat and see why you do it and if your reason glorifies Jesus and serves the purposes of His Kingdom and if it satisfies these then no one can criticise you

      • Slacks
        I have a problem with legalism and slacks
        You are called to be a nurse anda to your horror health regulations require you to wear slacks for modesty or protective reasons.  You have to do the work because God has called you to it.
        In Asia 100 million plus women wear the equivalent of slacks.  They are all going to hell?
        Legalism says yes but Grace says no.
        In the end I believe God looks at the attitude for wearing them and not the result.
        So I go back to what The Holy Spirit says about the wearing f othem to you.
        I cannot see God calling to a place to serve Him then condeming you to hell for wearing what you are required to wear to serve Him there or condemning millions of Asian women who do not believe it is wrong to waer them because they for centuries.
        Maybe it is the wearing of slacks when you do not have to.
        See what The Holy Spirit says and you cannot go wrong.  But you must ask Him now that you know you should
        This is probably the way to deal wth situatons where God appears to say one things and the laws of the land another.

    • Stacie M – Thank you for posting.  I too was very up set by Neville’s posts.  I have stated that in the past.

      I finally told myself just not to read his posts – but there it was again!  Thank you for letting me know you too were concerned; & had the same “woman” concerns!  I thought I was the only one.

      I have always tried NOT to be judgmental of anyone in church!  And this whole judgmental.. legalistic.. Judeizing issue has up set me again.

      But thank you for posting God’s truth..

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