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Crying in the Wilderness — 4 Comments

  1. There are prophets, waiting in the wilderness for the time to come. They have already given words of warning to leaders, but those leaders failed to recognize them as prophets. They preferred false prophecies that told them that their churches were OK (all prophecies must be edifying to the church), although prophecy that warned the leaders of their errors would have been edifying for the church, if they had taken heed of it. So take comfort all you prophets who have spoken the true Word of God, your time will come, and it is now close.

  2. After Jesus ascended and they went to hide and wait on His promise…they must ve been feeling very lonely, sad and uncertain, about the future and about what they are to wait upon…how the Holy Spirit would look like and how the batisms will take place…Jesus were living among and with them fir so long and He was there with them talking eating …very real…with all His love…presence…safety…now they were alone and uncertain and didnt know what to expect. They just knew they were told to wait on His promise and to be baptised with His Holy Spirit…and they should not do anything before then. They waited…not quite sure what is expected of them and how they are to wait either…more and more they came to realise that they are indeed alone and Jesus isnt appearing anymore and He is not talking to them anymore…maybe they had to fight against doubts and fears and what-if’s just to be reminded by each other to keep focus and faith and to wait in faith …so they started to encourage one another…by reminding each other of Jesus ‘promises and how faithful He was and that He is trustwortby and that He will do as He said…just keep faith and keep watch and expect from Him…what He promised…and so Jesus did and He baptised them and He send the promise and Halleluja! The Spirit of the Lord came and made dwelling in each of them and clothed them and it was so spectacular! Oh what marvelous beautiful Faithfulness of Our Lord and King that showed Himself still very much filled with love towards all of us on earth! He never gave up on any of us! He do as He say and He still very much loves us and Truly make His dwelling in each of us as He promises…So if you find yourself in waiting, seems like He is silent, just be encouraged…He is very much with you and loving you and faithfull…He will do more than you can expect, wait for and ask…He is our and The marvelous God! He only Living Lord God Most High. Lord, we love You. We look to You. You are faithful. Thank You! Amen.

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