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Dance the Dance of Victory with Me! — 3 Comments

  1. Awesome to me, Father God, you are So Good !
    As I read your words, it brings a smile and a delight into my soul for you, as I dance along with you, it makes me laugh out loud, knowing every step, we take, together, the enemy, is trampled upon, Glory to God, you are wonderful, the best of the best, you make my heart sing. I love you today, I love you always. I’m thankful to you, being there in my life.
    The Dance Of Victory, with you, is so precious to me, as I meditate on this in you.
    Love, Love, Love it, in Jesus name over my life this day. I love you Abba, Hugs!!

  2. God bless you,Deborah Waldron Fry…..
    When I read your post, ha,ha,ha, it always seems as if God is speaking to me, all of the time…..
    I experience things that I don’t mention to anyone, and yet I feel as if I am reading about myself when reading The Lord’s spoken Prophecy through you……
    I thank God for you, the Ministry He has placed you in, and your faithfulness in sharing The Word/word of Life…..
    I pray your strength in Jesus, that He continues to keep you covered in the name of Jesus, and in the Blood of Jesus……
    God bless.

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