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  1. I can’t help but notice how one can always predict “doom & destruction” messages from this author. Is this really what HKP is going for? His angle is so predictable and rarely edifying!

    • Dear SS,
      His Kingdom Prophecy stand fully behind Prophet Stephen Hanson and the words of warning and advice he offers to the Body of Christ, as provided by the LORD.
      Google defines “Edifying” as “providing moral or intellectual instruction,” which is exactly what the author provides – warning that persecution and tribulation will soon arrive at your doorstep, unless action is taken.  He also provides instruction on what to do to delay or prevent it.
      When the Christian missionary leaders re-entered China after Mao’s Cultural Revolution, the surviving Christian berated them asking them why they had not been taught to prepared for the persecution?  They said, most of those who were prepared lived, most those who were not prepared, did not.
      12 hours ago, we heard from the wife of an evangelist whom HKP supports in Nepal, that on the August 24, 2018, her husband was taken in by the police again, this time for baptizing someone, and has not been heard of since.  It is probable they are seeking a 5-year jail term for him this time – for evangelizing – which was recently made illegal throughout the country.
      He has been arrested, beaten and released so many times in the past, so now we are praying for him and awaiting advice from his wife.
      Yes SS, persecution is at the door in America and in other places, but for so many around the world, it has already arrived into the homes and families.
      You may well sit in Kansas or wherever and complain that Prophet Stephen Hanson’s warnings are not edifying, while Christians around the world are being persecuted and martyred, while Prophet Stephen tries to prepare you and warn you, of what is surely to come.
      Humbly, we suggest you take his warnings seriously and make a difference for the LORD’s Kingdom now, while you still may.

      Blessings in Christ,

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