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  1. Thank you Lord Jesus for always showing us your pure heart
    I was cutting and cleansing a reindeer’s heart. Reindeer in Danish is ren which means pure. I was excited if that would be the next subject to send as a comment but realized that I was to hold my peace. Ok, so, it would be more than that, also, I would be told how and when, even if ever again in this website. Being still and waiting for the Lord :-)
    The Lord said that it will not only be our hearts being cleansed, but our whole body :-D The Lord Jesus is about to cleanse the Body of Christ and our physical body. Think of all the parts of our Body/body, the better they function, the better do we (you and I) as a whole function also, both spiritually (Body of Christ), mentally and emotionally. But. Even if we function the best, we can never figure out the way to the presence of our Abba Father with our own mind, nether can we vote of the will of God in a democratic way. We cannot figure out to get to the presence of God unless we read about His commandments in His holy Word and seek His will for our next step. Some time ago, I invited people to read more of God’s Word, the other day, I saw a man whose thirst for the Kingdom of God was increasing more and more. He was achingly hungry for more. Hallelujah! God bless you all. Lucia Ludvigsen

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