Deep Encouragement for the Daughters of Zion — 7 Comments

  1. Oh my my my my my!!!!!! I have cried out for so long seeseeking for such a “voice” to speak into my shattered and broken life.Thank You so very much for Your obedience and sensitivity. This is for me a life changing message of hope and great encouragement!  Now I can move forward after decades of confusion and chains of stagnation.iry hallelujah I am crying so hard and am so grateful! God bless You mightily precious Sister !

  2. Often when I am on railroads or streets heading to work, I use that time for reading and responding here. Sister, you share about your long years / decades together with our LORD and what you experienced. Signs, wonders, up’s and down’s. Thank you, Catharina. This makes you real. Later tonight I might listen to your voice message. I read and know since a while, you live in The Netherlands. Tonight one of my two workplace leaders has invited for the annual employee meeting. She is from Netherlands :-), her name “Clarena” and she’s the best boss I’ve ever had.

  3. Yes. Yes and Yes.

    Indeed this was from the Lord. I received it last night with tears rolling down my cheeks.

    Thank you for posting the word. I asked and I received.

    God bless.

    To those waiting, it’s almost over. Let’s tarry on a little longer. Time has come to rejoice. Oh be expectant. This is a confirmation of what the Lord has said to me as well.

    Bless you all.

  4. Thanks again sister in Christ, I must confess that it seems like I have lost the way. I need lots of prayer so as to discern what, where, when to do my Lords work. It’s like everything is on a stand still as if He has deserted me/us. I live in a small village in Uganda where people don’t seem to know much about spiritual things, which sometimes makes me feel like am odd. Have a blessed day and keep pressing in.

    • It seems it’s on stand still, but it is not! You are not alone. We are all here. Waiting. But God is faithful. Don’t give up. Look up. Call him and listen. He will not give up on you, don’t give up on him.

      May God give you the strength you need to keep moving on and you shall testify to God’s Glory


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