Deliverance Prayer — 2 Comments

  1. You are living in a day and time when people do not accept My true word, they only listen, to words which tickle their flesh! Oh Father, my Lord, how true are your words, for I see this in others. I’m so thankful I know you, so thankful, I’m one of your chosen ones, used in these endtimes. I see darkness, gross darkness, upon the people everywhere, even in my workplace it is there abounding yet you are separating the chaff, from the wheat. I’m being taken away, crossing over to the other side, the red sea, into my promise land, a land flowing with milk and honey, where there is no darkness there. I love you so very much.
    I thank you for the absolute assurance you have given me this day, total Victory from all my enemies, that hate me, without a cause. Glory to you my King, and Lord of Lords, I adore you. I delight highly in you. I Rejoice forever in you. I exalt your name on high, you are so worthy of honor, so worthy, i’m in so awe of you. Shalom!

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