Do Greater Works!


I AM expecting My children to change the atmosphere, but many are satisfied with focusing on self and their own accomplishments.

You have focused on self help too long.

I AM desiring you to move from where you are presently but you must believe in My agenda.

Placing no more importance on whom you deem as good fruit.  Repent and ask for Me to take you higher and deeper into My heart.

There is compassion there for My wee ones.

You must become as one of them, to do what has been asked of you.

If you think you have arrived you are far from My design for you.

Allow Me to still heal those broken areas, brusied by rejection, pride and disappointment so that you can be an approved vessel.

Doing business in your own might will only result in a thermometer mentality which is ineffective for greater works.

I desire greater, but you must close yourself off from old expectations and old mindsets.

I AM not a God impressed by your abilities, for I AM the greater One who is on the inside of My Children empowering them to do My will.


Angela Pope

Angela PopePastor Angela Pope – a daughter of God in Christ Jesus.



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