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  1. Wow thank you so much Apostle Geraldine Fisher, this was such a timely passage and revelation. I have been dealing with this spirit. I have been receiving these very scriptures John 14 over and over again as well as Ephesians 6:12 and not getting it at all. Even identifying the spirit of envy and discontent . trying hard to not think about comparing myself to my other Christian friends but it was like it wasn’t going away. Than I asked way I am I so competitive. I actually hate the feeling and I want it out of my life. It brings unrest and doesn’t bring peace at all. It has even effected the way I communicate with my friends that I know I love but than shortly after suspicion falls over me and I have to try and convince myself that she is not my enemy. I question if I even have the holy spirit because of it and the emotions I feel. Reading this I thought I would feel shame and guilt. But I feel at peace with this . Thank you so much . I guess I would like to know how does one take steps to only abide in Christ alone and remove the spirit of competition for their life. God bless you for sharing this message .

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