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  1. Last night around 4am I was asleep and was awoken by hearing my name called very loudly, I checked to see if it was my wife and she was fast asleep, I felt this sudden urge to pray and I did as I always seek the guidance of the Lord in these things. This is the first time I have had this occur, I definitely wasnt dreaming as I am a vivid dreamer.

  2. Hello, the other night as i was laying down i asked the Lord to please speak to me and that I needed to speak to him, never before had I really had a conversation with him talking to me, so i wasnt sure if it would work or not, but i still had faith, and still believed that it would work, i had been feeling a little bit of doubt in me, but my faith overid it, so i prayed about it, i still felt lost, and wanted to do something to help my brotgers and sisters, so i him to please speak to me, just so i have no more doubt left in my mind, and as i was laying down i was like in a meditation state, couldnt move, and was like i was asleap, my heard my name being called calmly, yet stern and with great power and authority in it, and at the time i thought nothing of it, but i didnt realise that he had responded to me! And now i know what he sounds like to me, and the signs. For a while now i have heard ringing noises, and when i do i feel an overwhelming sense to pray. It truely is amazing.

  3. This morning at about 6:45 I woke up to a loud audible male voice that said my name very gentle yet stern. I woke up and the first thing that popped in my head was “what is it” of all the things that I could of said I was like “what” lol my biological father would have told me, “don’t tell me what, say I’m Coming” lol…I then realized that the day prior I was nudged to pray over my sister, and after I prayed and dropped her off home, I was alone in the car being nudged to continue to pray when all of a sudden this consuming feeling to scream out the name of Jesus and save her Jesus, literally like a bat-sh** crazy person and after that episode I was like what on earth just happen, I was kinda just shocked and meditated on the moment on my drive home….maybe GOD heard me and responded with my name?

  4. Hear lately I have been having sleepless nights like to night and I’m not inderstanding why. Last week I heard my name and I woke up with a smile. what does this mean?

  5. About 6 weeks ago, I was waking up from a deep sleep from my recliner, and I heard so clearly a gentle voice call me by my childhood name “Cindy”….I do remember responding bc I said “I’m here”…I was in awe how clearly I had heard it….iI did not understand why I heard that, but my thoughts were that it was the Lord calling me.
    I have been praying & reading my bible daily and speaking in tongues every opportunity …I am a believer that if we stay close to God, then we will hear His voice…I heard the same voice again about 2 weeks ago, and this time He gave me instruction that I’m still trying to figure out.

  6. Yesterday evening I was coming from the community meeting, when I got to our apartment I knocked while waiting for my husband to open I heard a voice calling me, but in whispering voice, then I looked n didn’t see anything but the voiced repeated twice again and it looked like it’s from across the street in the community park but when I looked nobody was de. I got scared n rushed inside. My worries is I’ve been seeking God earnestly this days asking him to teach me his ways and also to answer my prayers.

    I hope this voice’s won’t confuse me but will help understand him more

    Thank you

  7. Hi there. My husband is a relatively new believer just recently baptised praise God. Today he heard his name being called out 2 times. He heard Paul Paul. And then again Paul Paul. He looked both times to see if it was me having a female voice. It wasnt. How can i say that was Gods voice being it was a womans voice? Thanks so much Laura

    • last night as I had just fallenl asleep, I heard a male voice call my name twice.  He was close to me and the voice was urgent.  like when you’re mom calls your name when you need to get up for school.
      then today, I was napping on the couch and an incredibly loud bell rang.  It sounded like an old fashion door bell but much, much louder.  it permeated the room.  In both instances I immediately woke up. 
      I have been asking God what he is telling me and what I need to know. 
      Do you have any insight?

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