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  1. Don’t care if you post: Awhile back shared with Apostolic/Prophetic friends what the Lord gave me: 1. Beginning of Sorrows and Martyrdom was coming to America get ready for the Slaughterhouse (he gave me that before 911 also and told Church Leadership).  Beginning of Sorrows then started with Fires, and so many other items.  They’ve been warned for years especially church leadership.  Warned them to put aside their dead methods and dead programs and do nothing but Fast, Pray and Repent!  Got rebuked by so many, only want feel-ley good, sugar coated words and to change the message and told them NOT going to. Friend called me awhile back way before all the sorrows and she asked what message would I deliver to Church Leadership=no hesitation REPENT OR DEATH!

    Round Table of Report Church Abuse List knew all this and more (over 350 heads)!  Sorry to say majority of our Pastor’s have been Whore’s!

    How long did these False Shepherds Hucksters, Snake Oil Salesmen, Con-Artist, Wolves, Hirelings think they could prostitute God’s name and who he is and NOT heal up the people and get them healthy and not truly preach his word or reveal who he really was the Father Heart of God, Love, Grace, Mercy but he is also Holiness, Righteousness, Humility, etc, NOT to mention and this has been addressed for YEARS that could have sat from Birth to Death in the Movements grew up in (will NEVER considered them churches) and they would have NEVER, NEVER, NEVER gone through the Bible completely once and the people attended, tithed and were content to have it so not to mention no PRAYER but PREYING on the people to be kept in their lifestyle.  The people didn’t question no Bible, no Prayer and what they did with the money rather than heap unto their Pyramid Scheme of a Business.  NOT one drop of their Blood on head and hands. Ezekiel 2: delivered the message wasn’t responsible for what did with. Also, they’re NOT living the God of the Bible the majority of False Churches/Leadership as they’ve been abusing the sheep. Worse, they will pray for you to die and curse you with Cancer because don’t want to repent and or change. The False Church and America has been Jezebel Spirit ruling and reigning. God has been giving me and “I gave her time to repent” So many asked me to change my hard message, NOT going to do it!  KNOW SO MANY WHO HAVE DONE THE CLARION CALL! TO NO AVAIL!  Matthew 25:31-end not done either! or Sermon on the Mount or the Beatitudes or Golden Rule!  Not to mention the lack of taking care of the poor, fatherless, widow, orphan, homeless, single parents and their children and building strong and healthy families!

    Report Church Abuse List knew all this and more (over 350 heads of church leadership) and worse they failed to repent and or change or do anything about. The majority of our church leadership sorry to say has been Whore’s and they’ve been told!

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