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  1. In June 2016, God provided supernaturally for me when I just returned from a study leave & my HOD joined others to stop my claims & 4 months salaries. They vowed I must lose the whole money. The pain became unbearable & one mid night, I wept bitterly to God to prove Himself as the “Lord God of Elijah” by sending ravens to feed me. The next morning at work, The “Lord God of Elijah” faithfully sent 3 staff to me & they all gave me substantial amounts. I worshipped Him & that evening, sow one tenth in Church. The remaining days of the month, more people reached out to me financially even more than my monthly salary. God didn’t stop there. He sent down fire that consumed the whole new office complex to ASHES & the HOD was summoned for explanations. The Hunter became the hunted!. It was then he wrote that my withheld money be paid to me. And I was paid!. Praise the “Lord God of Elijah”.

  2. I enjoyed everything which you shared with us. “Falling in Love” is the one which really moved me. I felt that love when first saved and even more powerfully than when first saved, yesterday. I thought, “I’ve longed for this for so long and have tried to return to loving God as I first did and it seemed that I couldn’t attain it. Yesterday, I had an infilling or Ruach Breath of Holy Spirit that impacted me all day long.” It was marvelous. That love remains with me as Holy Spirit touched me in such a powerful way. Yahweh, Jesus and Holy Spirit are so awesome!

    By the way, I’m so happy that you miraculously received money when you had none in your account. God is so very good.

    Have a grand month of May filled with love, peace and joy!

  3. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful testimony. The joy of knowing His love is coming to me just like a ray of sunshine I am soaking myself in at the moment. God is glorious in every way He does. Keep shining for His glory,Brother!

  4. Father, I stand in awe of your name, words & faithfulness. You’re the Lord God of Abraham, Issac & Jacob. The God of Elijah!The living God of Israel. The God of impossibility. The miracle working God! I believe your words that YOU CAN DO IT! God Bless you Brother Dennis

  5. Just yesterday I went to the bank with our old tin full of loose coins..but we continue to wait on God. There is no one or no where else for us to turn.

  6. Great to read this testimony…
    We had our lessons to learn too as a young student couple in the eighties…A friend wanted to come for a visit and we had just a few noodles left. When we greeted her for arrival my husband passed the mail box and saw that there was a letter in it though time had already passed for delivery..
    He opened and found a letter without any adress. In our kitchen we rejoiced as in opening it we found a card saying: „I will be with you all days of your life until the end of the world.“ plus 800 SF. We lived near the Swiss border where stores were open that day, went shopping and had a wonderful picknick in a nearby park.

    At a certain time we had to live with our family of six with no money left for the living, but we lived nevertheless. These experiences are so precious as they have served to strengthen our faith. It has not bee easy, sure, – but helpful for times to come…

  7. God shall make a way…In a church service last Sunday i heard Him say, “So you say It cant be done?- Now is the time you will see what I can do!”

    In the place of Lazarus tomb nothing could be done. For the widow of Nain…nothing could be done…for the children of Israel hemmed in by Pharaoh’s army at the Red Sea…nothing could be done!!
    Do not flinch.
    Stand and see
    Did I not say if you would believe you would see the glory of God?
    He will come through and you shall see what God can do!
    This day I declare it anew…
    That God can do what God can do!
    And He will do it for me and you.

  8. Thank you for this personal report ! Yes, these were days back then… and I can confess, even until today. It is truly working according GOD’s principe: GIVE, AND IT WILL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU. I remember a day 20 years ago when I thought, well, I have this 2 spoonful of oil in the bottle, and it is not enough for the salad, and I should bake a pancake for my child. Then thought OKAY, one time I will be so bold and will empty the entire oil over the salad bowl. I was shocked that it ran like liquid gold, it did not stop, it was enough for that day and as well for another meal. With small amounts of fuel in the tank I also made experiencees… Absolutely, wonders happenend through serious prayers and even faith without a word. GOD once stopped heavy rain immediately after I prayed, because one windshield wiper gave up. Thank you for reminding us to these experiences that grounded our faith like nothing else could do, but GOD.

  9. SO so true. ONLY believe are not just empty words. Thanks for sharing this golden nugget of real truth so needed in this hour of deep deception. Sincerely, Sandi Holman

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