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  1. Thank you Dr. June once more for sharing this prophetic word meant for me. Father Lord, thank you for always been my ANCHOR & SURE FOUNDATION.  I believe you can do all things & I won’t ever quit.

  2. Praise the Lord! Hello Minister Reinke, God bless your heart, service, faithfulness in and through him, praise God! I thank God for this word and message, as we tend to let seen circumstances, things seen and unseen affect us in a way, which is sometimes negative and feeding off of the negative response, energy, anxiety from others that begins to grow.

    There are many running to and fro, wanting you to be in a mind state as they are at times, with panic, worry, stress, doubt, and fear, but remaining in Jesus Christ in all areas of our lives through daily communication with him, reading, studying, mediating on the Word of God, prayer and fasting, praise and worship, always praying for God’s will to be done.

    I am noticing in these last days, many are being consumed by the lusts of the world, wanting many to follow them, to be lead astray, whether they know they are being used by the spirit of the deceiver, not desiring to grow, but want things to remain the same, which is fall behind and backwards.

    I thank you for sharing this powerful, on point Word from the Lord, it is very much needed to be heard by my ears, as my heart desires to fully, totally abide in Jesus Christ and as of current, I have to leave many people in my life, because of them not wanting to move forward, but delighting in the schemes and devices of this world comfortably, blinded by sin. God bless you, Sister Reinke, praying that you have a blessed, prosperous and productive day in the Lord Jesus!️✨

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